Ultra Lines are glowing lines on an Ultra's body that help in the gathering of energy and other things.

Created by User: SolZen321


Ultra Lines appear on the head and face of an Ultra, often resembling tribal war paint. They usually come in pairs of one or two and shine according to the light the Ultra perscribes to (Light of Reason or Instinct and their variations).


The Ultra Lines exist to gather energy, while Ultras convert sunlight via their skin, Ultra Lines convert all EM waves, sometimes even visible light to the point it gets dark. They can also absorb stray particles, electrons, protons and nuclear material to create light energy. When this happens the gathered energy clings as a cloud above the lines resembling energy hair. Often when the Ultra bearing them uses their full power they unconsciously activate the lines allowing them to fight longer and harder than Ultras without them.

Known ExamplesEdit


  • While Ultrawoman Diana does not have Ultra lines, she may gain them due to her Heart Stone.
  • The Ultra Lines are inspired by the lines over the eyes of Darker Gale/ Dark Lugeil and tribal face markings in the real world. The 'hair' effect they cause is inspired from the anime Heroman.

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