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Warnings: Cringe, minor swearing, character deaths, overall ridiculousness

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Ultra Hero Taisen!
Created by: UltraFan wiki users
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Number Of Episodes 1
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Succeeded by Ultra Hero Taisen Spinoff

Ultra Hero Taisen Spinoff -Original Script Version-

Ultra Hero Taisen 2: The Universal Ultra Great Tournament!

Ultra Hero Taisen! (ウルトラヒーロー大戦! Urutora Hīrō Taisen!?)


A battle between all Ultras has occured! What is the cause of this chaos?!


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In a distant galaxy far away from this Earth...

Ultraman had gripped firmly onto Ultraseven and flipped him over onto the asteroid they were fighting on, while Ultraseven managed to slash at Ultraman's chest with his Eye Slugger. The two stumbled back and got back on their feet, and fired their signature rays at each other. They clashed and were evenly matched, they were at such a stalemate that there was an explosion that killed both fighters and not even their corpses were left behind.

This was not all to the chaos, as thousands of other Ultras were killing each other within that same asteroid belt. Jack impaled Ace with his Ultra Lance but in return got sliced with the Vertical Guillotine, Taro and Zoffy hit each other with their beams and died immediately. Even Gaia and Agul had a showdown where both were killed. It seemed that one of every Ultra throughout the uncountable universes were locked in evenly-fought deathmatches. Tiga and Dyna both used their Type Chnages, countering each other until they both died.

Neo Mebius, Neo Xenon, Shining Shining Zero and SUPER HYPER MEGA OMEGA ULTRA ULTIMATE GODZILLA were in a four-way battle, where they all fired their beams at each other and exploded in a tiny spark. Meanwhile, Nerf and Average punched each other, producing a great blast equivalent to several million composite TSAR bombs. Ultramen Leg and Brotein had a battle of rivals, where they both used their signature physical attacks, countering each other completely (somehow...don't ask) and eventually it got so intense they reduced each other to startdust. Ginga fired the Ginga Cross Shoot at Prisman, who instead of simply exploding, absorbed the beam and fired it out in many directions from his eyes and crystals, killing several dozen Ultras including Ginga and Victory before he himself exploded.

Part 1Edit

From a inter-universal portal, a swirl of red and yellow lights, Ultraman Card appeared. Seeing the massive battle and high body count, he was in panic and shock. "What...what is happening?!", he asked himself. At that time, Axel and X-0 grappled and hurled each other onto a nearby asteroid, hitting each other as they fell. They got up and tried to punch each other, but Card intervened and knocked them both over with his Cardcalibur. He asked them "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!", just then a mustached figure approached them.

"I'll tell you, my boy..." said Eeznus from behind them. Axel and X-0 continued their battle somewhere else and eventually destroyed each other. "You see, a few weeks ago...". The screen starts rippling because it's flashback time.

"Soooo..." Father of Ultra said droopily. "...right now the situation is...there's a crapload of monsters on Earth because someone decided to plant a huge freaking magic crystal or something, all our old nemeses are back, and they keep reviving every time we beat them AND they have some 'master plan' to revive the 'ruler of the universe'...and you guys..." he pointed towards his left, where there were millions of Ultras "...want to keep fighting for the Earth".

They all shouted in unison "YEAH".

"...fine, we'll call you Team Protego...and you other guys..." now he pointed to his right, where there were equally many Ultras...and a Godzilla.

"...want to blow up the planet to put an end to all this, taking the lives of all humans for the 'greater good'..."

As expected, they all shouted "YEAH".

" you guys will be called...uh...Team Exterminatus...alright. We've already tried voting and we got a tie about...gimme a of you from each team play 'Lance Meteor Paperwork'? AND NO TELEPATHS, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE."

"Shouldn't we ask for King's help? He's just kind of been sitting around for the past few millennia anyway..." said Ultra Boy.

"...come here..."

So Ultra Boy went up next to the Supreme Commander, who whispered to him "Just between us...King can't even break that chain around Astra's leg...". "I heard that, you know..." said King telepathically to Father, who said to himself "**...". Ultra Boy went back down, severely disappointed.

"Now...let's get this over with...both sides, choose a representative...AND NO TELEPATHS".

After a bit of discussion, two Ultras, one from each of the opposing teams, went up to the stand. Naturally, one beat the other.

"Oh F*** you!" Said the loser. Suddenly, an Ultra fired at the sore loser, and then the meeting devolved into a two-way-perfectly-even-genocidal-holocaust-of-a-massacre-between-a-ceroosover-of-Ultras-and-a-Godzilla-so-i-put-you-hhhm.

The flashback ends.

Part 2Edit

"So...why don't we just blow up this magic crystal thing and get it over and done with?"

"Well, there are approximately 1000 respawning Kaiju and Seijin around protecting it, and it's stuck in the Earth's core, so any beam that hits it will be refracted into the core and blow up the Earth, my boy! We're in a REAL dilemma here!"

"I can't just stand around and do nothing! Surely there must be a way!" Card turned around, but just before he left, Eeznus stopped him. "Young lad, I know I cannot stop is dangerous to go alone, so have this! DAZZLEDAZZLEDAZZLEDAZZLE!" Eeznus fired a beam of light from his palm, which Kai Gurenai received from within the inner light of Card. "If you need me, just use that and I'll be there!" Eeznus turned around and flew off, but got hit by a stray beam in the crossfire. He exploded and his boomerang of a mustache came floating back towards Card, who saw Eeznus' end. Kai looked at his new Ultra Fusion Orb and muttered to himself "...****".

Part 3Edit

Card was approaching Earth when he saw a battle of two Ultras, Renius and Ragul, just outside the atmosphere. The two were like meteors, charging at each other with their right fist outstretched, flying at high speeds and leaving a red and blue trail respectively. The two fists collided and there was an explosion, neither of the two survived. Card could only watch, and so he did in grief.

From space, he could feel high concentrations of Minus Energy in...Panama of all places. He flew down just in time to see another battle take place.

There were 6 Ultras; Xelz, Mana, Neko, Soma, Gamma, and Eclipse. They were divided into two equal teams. "EXTERMINATUS!" shouted one side. "PROTEGO!" shouted the other. Ignoring the possibility of mass collateral destruction and damage to public property, both teams did battle and they all killed each other in a few seconds.

Unable to do anything about it, Card stood there watching.

Part 4Edit

From nowhere, a voice spoke to shouted to him "ULTRAMAN CARD!"




Suddenly a green pillar of light shone down from the sky and Tyrant appeared from within it.



Fortunately, three red spheres descended from space, revealing themselves to be Ultramen Legacy, Sect, and Flame.

"Leave this to us, Card!" said Legacy, while he and his teammates got in fighting stances.

"...wait how did you even know I'm here? How did you arrive at just the right time?!"

"PLOT of course!"

"...Am I in some crappy fanfic - wait don't answer that, k thx bai." Card flew off searching for the supposed monster-spawning crystal.

Time to write a proper fight scene.

Sect and Flame held down Tyrant's arms while Legacy repeatedly punched its chest, until he got hit with its flamethrower, knocking Legacy down. Tyrant then used its brute strength to throw Sect and Flame off balance, but just in time for Legacy to shoot its feet using Ultraman's Specium Ray. Tyrant recoiled and fired its Ear Beams, which Sect negated by erecting a barrier. Legacy used Ultraseven's Emerium Ray to shoot its ears, mutilating them. Sect fired his Sectium Beam towards the Suction Attractor Spout, only to have it absorbed as he suspected. Tyrant let loose his flames again, which Flame used to his advanatge by absorbing it and channeling them into his fist, and then punching Tyrant in the stomach. Legacy fired Jack's Ultra Shot and damaged Tyrant's torso. Now in panic and pain, Tyrant attempted to gore Legacy with its nasal horn, only to have its head caught in a lock by Flame, who delivered a chop to the nape of the neck. Tyrant was stunned, so Legacy got behind it and shot Ace's Metalium Ray at its back, destroying many spikes. Tyrant attempted to tail whip Legacy, but the Ultra dodged and his two teammates held down Tyrant's tail by its tip, and Legacy fired Zoffy's M87 Ray and blew it up. Now tyrant was heavily mutilated, but not dead. Legacy used Taro's Storium Ray and finished it off in an explosion.

The mysterious voice said to them "You just copied Ginga and Victory's fight against Five King!"

"Who?" asked Flame.

"Ginga S? Ring any bells?"

"Never heard of them." claimed Sect.

"FINE! How about this?! EX TYRANT!"

The light shone down again and this time EX Tyrant appeared.


"Looks like we're going to have to use that power!" said Legacy

"Yeah!" replied his teammates.

The three fused into Legacy Blazing Mode and finished off EX Tyrant with a single Trifectum Ray, and then split up. They high-fived each other and suffered explosive deaths from it.

Part 5Edit

"Holy crap." said Card. He was in a forest, behind a mountain, where he saw easily a thousand Kaiju and Seijin and Dark Ultras gathered around a massive shining green crystal in the middle of a canyon. "This must be it...but there's no way I can stop them! Maybe if I kill just that one guy..." He looked at a being named Dark Dull, who was standing right next to the crystal. He assumed Dark Dull was the leader, and he's not wrong. From afar, he fired his Card Supreme Calibur and missed, blowing his cover. "Oops."


"No, not really. Even if I tried to stop your nefarious plans, I'd probably end up dead, but..." Kai looked at his Ultra Fusion Orbs, Ultraman's and Ultraseven's to be precise. "I'm not going down without a fight! It's (probably) what they would have wanted!" Card's forehead crystal shone a bright light. He was changing forms.

"Ultraman-san!" -tstss- -"Ultraman!"- -bling!-

"Seven-san!" -Jrrr- -"Ultraseven- -bling!-

"Lend me the eternal light!"

-PRING- -FUSION UP! Ultraman Card: Spacium Slugger!-

"The light will never die out even in the darkest of times!"

He proceeded to whack some Kaiju and found out they were all dying in one hit for some reason, but every time one died, it instantly respawned from the green light, which came from the crystal itself. Card was getting nowhere. The only thing he's getting is tired, and his colour timer started blinking. "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!" The evil villains like Shadus, Oken, Dark Dull, and Astro were watching and laughing at him. Suddenly...

Part 6Edit

Five Ultras stood on a mountain. "EVILDOERS! DO YOU THINK YOUR ACTIONS WILL GO UNPUNISHED?! PREPARE TO FACE THE MIGHT OF..." shouted a red horned Ultra.

"ULTRAMAN 'MURICA!" 'Murica struck a pose and a puff of white smoke rose just behind him.

"ULTRAMAN PEW!" He did the same, but his smoke was blue.

"OVERDRIVE RED!" "AND OVERDRIVE BLUE!" They shared a purple smoke cloud.

"AND ULTRAMAAAN POWER!" he did his signature pose and had yellow smoke behind him.

"WE ARE...THE ULTRA SUPER SQUAD!" they shouted, except for 'Murica. Instead, he shouted "THE UP-F***ERS!"

"Dammit, Murica! We talked about this!" shouted Power.


"...this is Panama-"


Everyone else there stared at them and their awkwardness.

"...Right...anyway...IT IS TIME TO FACE YOUR JUDGEMEN-"

"You guys look funny." said Oken suddenly.

"Shut the **** up when he's talking you SON OF A B***H!" shouted 'Murica.

"...I never understood how that was an insult."

Now everyone stared at Oken and his dog-shaped face.


"ANYWAY...It is time to vanquish you!" said Power. They went down into the fray. At that exact moment, it started raining.

Power was punching them, while 'Murica shot them with his twin machineguns while laughing like a madman. Pew used his signature beam spam and the Overdrive Twins did stuff.

Part 7Edit

In all the chaos, Kai heard something in his mind. "I suppose I'm late, but sitting around doing nothing won't get us anywhere!"

"Took you long enough, Rick."

This song begins to play:

-FUSION RISE! ULTRAMAN G'D: PRIMITEVE!- of course, the lyrics kept going in the background.

"Who the heck are you?!" asked Astro.

"I'm Ultraman Sitting-Around-Doing-Nothing-Won't-Get-Us-Anywhere, but you can call me G'D!

He fired his Wrecking Burst and #rekt a whole lot of Kaiju. What other better way is there to show off the new hero?

"Damn you G'd!" shouted Daex. "You were always dad's favourite..."

"Dad hated us both..."

"One of you is an ungrateful backstabbing annoyance and the other is a failure of a Dark Ultra who can't even revive me properly! Of course I hate you both!" said Belial from somewhere in the group of villains. Everyone stared at the three.


"You go!" Rick activated Ultraman's Capsule.

"I go!" it's Ultraseven's turn.

"Here we go!" He scanned the two capsules in the G'd Riser, clearly wanting to switch forms.

"Continue to protect! G''''''''''''d!!!"


Now he was using his equivalent of Card's current form.

Part 8Edit

From the sky came an Ultra, who flinged down something that crashed through a load of Kaiju, killing them (They still respawn) and kicking up dust. The Ultra Overlord had landed, starting violent thunderstorms and an earthquake, as well as flooding. The 'thing' he brought with him wasn't really a 'thing', it was alive. Its red eyes pierced through the dust and it screamed "I SMASH YOU!!!!!!!!!!". Ultraman Fury ran out of the dust like a madman and started punching some losers. They were not a match for his awesome super secret master level punch-you-in-the-face-until-you-die fighting style. Still, they were getting nowhere.

"FOOLS! Do you not see that resistance is futile?!" shouted Dull. Suddenly, the crystal's sickly glow intensified. "IT'S HAPPENING! THE REVIVAL OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR!" Streams of light began to leave the crystal, and formed a being of malevolent light. It had humanoid shape but a featureless body. A Mass of Anathium. It was large enough to dwarf everything else in the area. The energy reformed and reshaped itself into what looked like a man with a coat.

"I'm BACK!" it shouted. He opened up his palm and released a massive ray of energy that destroyed the Ultras in agonising pain. They were gone.


"Not so fast!" It was a human talking.

" are...Shu Itazura or should I say...Ultraman Xead!" said Ultraman Daex in surprise.

"No matter, what can you do...when all your friends are dead? You stand no chance!"

It was at that moment that Shu pulled out a huge envelope. "You know...I suspected something like this would happen some day." He's opening it. "Why do you think I've been collecting the UltraStamps this whole time?"


Shu threw the envelope up in the air, releasing all his UltraStamps, which then glowed blue and zipped off into space, and then he himself transformed.

The most magical thing happened.

Part 9Edit

From the Stamps came Ultras. One of every single form of every single Ultra ever, canon, fanon, scrapped concepts and designs, parodies, every single one to stand on the side of good ever gathered in space, shining a bright gold. Their combined light was bright enough to light up the whole world (There were so many, they blotted out the sun).

"THE LIGHT OF THE GALAXY IS CALLING US!" said Ultramen Orb and Card and all their AU counterparts in unison.

"WE'LL DECIDE YOUR FATE!" said the Geeds and their counterparts.

Using their light, the Ultras cast down golden beams onto Earth, which they used to rip the spoilers off of cars and from factories. These spoilers came together and bent and warped around each other until a humanoid frame was formed. The Ultras Then cast all of their inner light into the fusion of spoilers, resulting in a large burst of golden light shortly after.

The light faded, revealing a golden, glowing Ultra. A fusion of -SPOILERS-. The name of that being is Ultra Hero Tysen.

"WHAT?!" The Mass of Anathium grew in size out of anger and was now larger than the planet. "DO YOU SERIOUSLY THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME?!

Tysen casually flew forward and booped him on the nose, causing mass destruction...


"Oh dear..." said Ultraman King. "Looks like some goofballs destroyed the entire multiverse again...ah well." with a snap of his finger, everything went back to normal.

As if this whole movie never happened.

"Just another Monday..."

Alternate EndingEdit


"THE LIGHT OF THE GALAXY IS CALLING US!" said Ultramen Orb and Card and all their AU counterparts in unison.

"WE'LL DECIDE YOUR FATE!" said the Geeds and their counterparts.

They all fired their strongest beams at the Mass of Anathium, who was now larger than the Earth. The impact and power was so great it sent him flying across the Omniverse...


  • Director and writer: UltraGrenburr12678
  • Special thanks to:
    • Tsuburaya Productions: Creators of the Ultra Series and related characters
    • Everyone who let me use their fan characters
    • Everyone who left comments
    • Everyone who read

Post-Credits sceneEdit

...and into Limbo, where he met with the Void Eye.


The Eye gazed down upon him, and the villain slowly and painfully started to just disappear from the extremities. He was screaming and writhing the whole time, with his mouth open a near 90 degrees. Soon enough, he had become nothing.