Due to the numerous Crossovers on the wiki, it was decided that several of the Continuities native to this Wiki, took place in a shared Multiverse. What this means is, characters within and without 'canon' as we call it, should not be expected to crossover.


The origins of the Multiverse are steeped in a time when legend and history were one. Legends say, the barriers between realities were set up to stop a great evil force from before the dawn. In time Heroes of Light rose up and vanquished him, their light spreading across the Multiverse to create guardians of light, Ultras.

The Multiverse is divided into Magniverses, or groups Multiversal Clusters, so great in size, they are often mistaken the limits of the multiverse by their inhabitants.

List of Magniverses

Multiversal Powers

  • 'True' Super Ultras: Super Ultras of the highest levels, even to the point of being considered divinity by some Ultras and other mortal beings.
    • Some Ultras: There are some normal Ultras who have the power to travel between Universes on their own.
  • Weekees: Once stewards of the Multiverse, they have broken into a civil war between those that would watch and those that would interfere.
  • Titans: Some are known to operate in multiple universes
  • Titan Princes: Cosmic beings that tend to the Multiverse, they are agents of evolution and the proper order of things. Physically they can be described as living universes.
  • Time: The cosmic being of Time. All lesser 'gods' of time report to them, or are one of their incarnations.
  • Asa: The cosmic being of Space and husband of time.
  • Eldritch Things: Cosmic Horrors that seek to upset the Cosmic Order. They range in power and with the absence of the Weekees they are mostly fought by agents of the Titan Princes.
  • Void Eye: The devourer of dead universes. Its power is feared by the other cosmic powers.


Rules/Reasons for why things are not added or added

The Multiverse is usually for series that at least somewhat serious in their own rules/presentation. i.e. It's not for the OP/Parody Ultras as those that do not follow any serious internal logic, cannot be expected to operate well in a shared rule of physics.


  • If you have questions or requests...the comment section is there for a reason.