The badges of office for the Space Rangers, the Ultra Bracelets come in both standard form and customized versions.

Standard FormEdit

The standard bracelet given to each Space Ranger upon graduation. It appears as a gold or silver bracelet with a diamond shape symbol on the front.

Beta Capsule Form Edit

The alternate form used by many space rangers, it is also called the Ultra Capsule. Instead of wearing a bracelet, users have it in the form of a wand shaped device. Usually it has a silver cylinder top with a handle the Ultra's main color, and a button their secondary color.

The object is stored digitally in the Ultra's body and has the added ability of size changing to be used in place of a transformation item. The Ultra Bracelet can be turned into this form at any time, with it, Bio-Field Manipulation is possible.

The name comes from the first transformation item, used by the First Ultraman that was popular during his time.

Abilities Edit

  • Ultra Lance: They can form Ultra Lances which can be used as a range weapon or a hand held weapon.
  • Ultra Cutter: The bracelet can be used in place of a Crest Weapon or a Halo Slash. It always returns to the user.
  • Barrier: The Bracelet can be used to erect a barrier around somewhere, an object or being. Either for protection or transport.
  • Symbol: The Bracelet can erect the symbol of the Space Garrison to show the wearer is a Space Ranger. The symbol is the galactic symbol of peace.
  • S.O.S: The bracelet can send Ultra Signs if the need arises.
  • Shield: The Bracelet can become as shield.
  • Storage: The bracelets can store items such as cloaks for the Ultra.
  • Recharge: They can be set to gather solar energy, but this makes them unusable for anything else.
  • Transformation Item: The Bracelet is often used as transformation items by Ultras when in human form. It can also hold a transformation item, or be a backup transformation item, when the prior one is lost.
  • Card System: A system to hold criminals until they can be transported to jail. It is a recent invention by the time Orion first goes to Earth


  • Trident Form: Can become a trident, can control the weather and generate large amounts of energy for attacks.


  • Bow Form: Can become a bow, which doubles as a twin blade sword


Bracers: Some Ultras customize their to become Bracers, they are generally Military Ultras who do not have Crest Weapons.

  • Energy Blade: Bracers can be used to generate Energy blades
  • Energy Manipulation: Can be used for easier use of techniques or gathering energy.

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