"Inside the hearts of our guardian titans, is comedy. And schadenfreude. Mostly schadenfreude."

—The Tagline for Ultra 101

Ultra 101 is a fan series by HoshinoKaabi displaying the Ultras with human personas and a twist of comedy. The series takes an alternate twist on the franchise with some events beign added, changed, or removed.


The Ultra Brothers! An experienced team of crusaders from the Ultra Garrison. The have each saved the Earth before, and now relax on their home world trying to be casual again. But their rest is soon disrupted when they are instructed to train Mebius, a young and courageous soldier. But his courage and youth leads to his impulsive persona and the Ultras find they aren't going to be resting anytime soon.


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Ep1: Enter the Mobius/Noodle-shop Phantom

Ep2: Barrel Appears/Grand Theft Sphere-o Part 1

Ep3: Grand Theft Sphere-o Part 2/Grand Theft Sphere-o Part 3

Ep4: Origins Retold! Part 1/Origins Retold! Part 2

Ep5: Zero Percent Approval/Two Teenaged Guys Do Some Stuff

Ep6: The Revenge of Zagi/You Know You Watch Too Much Anime When...

Ep7: The Great Baltan Battle PART 1/PART 2

Ep8: The Secret Society of Seijins Strike PART 1/PART2

Ep9: T.E.T.I.A.E.T.I.T.C.A.T.H.T/A Dark Wind Blows By!

Ep10: Choju Survival/Ultra Training Hard

Ep11: The Ultra... Sister?/Hey, Say! HEISEI!

Ep12: I'm Ultraman/Cheap Plastic In My Side

Finale: The Baltans Invade/Bonds That Surpass 100%!

More to come...

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