In the wake of the dissolvement of the Fan Mashup Universe, another universe came into being as an echo.

Premise Edit

A series involving Fan Ultras in a unique continuity, as a sort of cross over. The characters will be involved in a war against this universe's version of the Machine Empire.

Characters Edit

Note Character Roles are subject to change as the story is devised.

Main Characters

  • Ultraman Zwei:
  • Ultraman Orion: A strange Ultra, seemingly from another universe. Despite his power he is not trusted due to his color timer.
  • Ultraman Tigeron: An Ultra Statue revived and enhanced by the Machine Empire as part of their research into the Ultras.
  • Ultrawoman Luter: A blue female member of the Space Garrison, close friends with Zwei

Other Characters


Kaiju and Evil Aliens Edit

  • Machine Empire
    • Ray-Yu: Cyborg Drones used as their primary forces
    • King Yu: Super Robots piloted by their commanders
    • Cyber Ultras: Faux ultras created from Ultra Statues and cybernetics
    • Drone 0: Weapon of last resort.