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Welcome to the Ultra-Fan Wiki, a thriving hub for Ultra fans everywhere, a place to unleash your unlimited imagination. Did you create your own Ultraman? Or an Ultra Kaiju? Have your own fan fiction of the Ultra Universe? This place is the right one to post and unleash your wildest imaginations of Ultraman, the hero we all know and love. You can write your own history, data on your fanmade Ultra, anything you really want! It doesn't have to be your own Ultra though, what if you created your own story with pre-existing Ultramen such as Ultraman Tiga or Ultraseven? You can even create your own giant hero! Now, without further ado, have fun on the Ultra-Fan Wiki!

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If you have any questions about rules on this wiki read the Rules

For easy access to the various fan fan creations on this site visit the Fan Ultras page.

For information on the official Ultras and kaiju, check out the Ultraman Wiki.

Also for anyone looking to draw their own Ultra Art, we have images you can use as references: Here

Some of us are usually on the Live!Chat from around 2.00 a.m to 4.00 a.m (Greenwich Meridian TIme)/8:00 p.m 10:00 p.m (Eastern Standard Time).

Definitions: For those new to the franchise, or needing help.

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If you have ideas for our current collaborative project, submit your ideas for your Ultra and everyone else's Ultras here.

Enjoy, from everyone here at Ultra-Fan Wiki! Thanks to all who edited this wiki.

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Whether used to transform, kill, or other such things, fan items are here too!

Some of us have thought up some amazing locations for our stories, check them out!

Whether evil or simply anti-heroes, we have plenty of villains.

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