Triple Blazer
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Around 7ft.
Weight: TBA
Home world: Unknown
Series: Triple Blazer
Type: Ultra-like Being
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: N/A
Family N/A
Affiliation N/A
Created by Zombiejiger
 Triple Blazer is an Ultra-like being from Triple Blazer.



Profile and techniquesEdit

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Trident Scope: Triple Blazer's head crest, can be used like the Eye Slugger.


  • Phase Beam SV: Triple Blazer can fire a variant of the Phase Beam.
  • Blazing Star: Triple Blazer can fire a red, orange and green star from his hands.
  • Strength: Triple Blazer has the strength of Blast.
  • Speed: Triple Blazer has the speed of Mirage.
  • Intelligence: Triple Blazer has the intelligence of Soul.



  • Triple Blazer is based on Triple Fighter.

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