The Weapons of Worlds are the final part of the Transcendent Light, and the part that gives the most attacks. They grant control over matter and energy. The known keystones or pillars that would grant them are Mater Mundaram (The Hidden One's Omniversal Period) and Ultrawoman Lunaram (In {spoiler}'s Omniversal Period), however, in {spoiler} the Lunaram Bracer {spoiler}. 


The Weapons cover both arms with protectors, and armour the fingers, granting them claw-like extendible nails. They connect above the chest and below the neck, in between the Headpeice of Starlight 


  • God's Control: The Weapons grant control over all energy in the omniverse. 
  • Angelic Sword: A flaming sword which can be summoned in either hand. 
  • Beams: Any type of beam is possible. 
  • Shields: Any kind of energy based shield is possible. 

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