Not to be confused with The Stranger, a kaiju from Ultraman Gamma.

The Stranger is the monicker given to Myth's human form who often goes with out a personal name.


Ultraman Myth generally resides with in another dimension, perhaps the spirit world, when he is not needed. When the time comes and there is no one suitable or able to wield his power he appears as the stranger. Sometimes his or her past is unknown as sometimes they are born via reincarnation.


The form of the stranger has always changed over the long years as Myth returns to the waking world, sometimes they know who they are, other times they are born a human with great power, but they all share similar traits.

  • Silver Hair
  • Tan Skin
  • Bishonen face.
  • Slightly pointed ears.
  • Jade Green eyes
  • The stranger is often seen with an open umbrella even when the weather is clear.
  • They have an affinity for long coats and/or scarfs..


Each of the Stranger's incarnation have the same potential abilities.

  • Superhuman body: The body of the stranger has superhuman strength, endurance, durability, agility and senses.
  • ESP: The stranger posses powerful mental abilities, telepathy and telekinesis, though telekinesis is only controllable when they have their memories.
  • Energy Projection: They can project energy as a blinding light or Light Bullet.
  • Merging: When the Stranger has his memories he is often looking for someone to grant his power and can merge with them making them Myth's host.
  • Ultra Resistance: As Myth in human form, the stranger possesses Myth's immunities and resistance to diseases.

List of IncarnationEdit

  • Star: The ancient host who was born in the ancient Tao village centuries after the first. Is noted for dressing like a man due to the savage nature of the world back then. Was born a normal human being.
  • Akira Misaka: The modern host, this young man has dark hair, green eyes, and wears a thick scarf, almost always. He is somewhat timid but finds it in himself to fight the Kishin. He wants to know what happened to his mother and has a failed relationship with his estranged father


The Stranger or host is granted the Myth Mask. It is used in the same way as the Ultra Eyes.

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