Warning: Character Death/Depressing Themes

The Sack of the Land of Light is an event from the UltramanMoedari side story, A Song of Silver. Its effects were universe-wide. 

The Hidden One attacked the Land of Light in Astrifer, the universe which contains Argentium. This was a paralell world to the Land of Light in Tener, the universe which countains the main events of the Ultraman Moedari storyline, excluding the final episode(s?). 

The Hidden One's armies came in large spacecraft, and their powerful guns destroyed most of the buildings, as well as killing many Ultras. The wave of boosted kaiju came next, destroying the majority of the lesser Ultraman. In Argentium Lore, it is said that Father of Ultra, together with Taro, Leo, Ultraman, Jack, Seven and Zoffy, sqaured off against the Hidden One themselves. They were all killed, and their lockseeds were consumed by the Hidden One, adding to his already great power. 

  • Taro, Leo, Ultraman, Jack, Seven, Zoffy, Father of Ultra were killed by The Hidden One
  • Mebius and Hikari were killed by a boosted Beryudora
  • Tiga, Gaia, and Dyna were killed by boosted Ace Killer, King Ghidorah, Zetton, Mukadender and Deathfacer
  • Zero was killed by Destoroyah
  • 80 was killed by Red King, Black King and Megaguirus
  • Neos, Ultraseven 21, Max and Xennon were killed by boosted Gomora, Ghatanozoa, Tyrant, Bemstar, Mefilas, King Joe, King of Mons, Taraban, Galberos, Garaking and Battra

Work in Progress

The Land of Light was overrun, and all its inhabitants killed. Three ultras, however, escaped. One, Midori, had been at Earth and such been taken prisoner upon his return. Virido and the other had been away, but upon returning had tried to rescue Midori. The result was that they were all taken captive. 

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