The Light can refer to several things, including the lights of wisdom, malice, ect. In Moedari's universe, the Light can refer to even more.


"The light cannot be touched by darkness. If you light a lamp, will the dark put it out? It cannot be smothered or destroyed."


The Light is what an Ultra abides in when they are a lockstone, or if they die and are partially dark, they will go there and wait until the darkness wastes away. This can happen to other light based species as well. When this is completed, they will be part of the light, but retain their individuality. An Ultra who has a lockstone can stay like that for nearly eternity, until he is brought back into the world. 

A dead Ultra in the light leaves behind a Keystone. The keystone will vanish when they are all light. 

Living Beings in The LightEdit

By the design of Stephos, some have entered The Light while retaining their bodies and without dying. The most notable are;

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