Fiction RatingT

Contains Content NOT SUITABLE for Children

Warnings: Medium Cursing, M/M, mentions of various immoral acts/fils/items, Character Death

Categories: Comedy

Smoking/Alcohol: Wine, lots of non-main characters smoking

Violence: Not too much

Crude Humor: 5/10, minor sexual references

Sexuality: {{{Sexuality}}}


"For Life"


The Legend of Lugen is a set of short stories, mostly one-shots, documenting Ultraman Lugeno's adventures after he left Argentium. It features crossovers with most Heisei riders, and will probably take a while to finish, probably finishing after Moedari just because I still need to finish the Heisei era. 

Each episodes name comes from either the main theme of the series (Wizard), a character's goal (Kuuga), or even a villain's desire (OOO). 


"Tengokutodjigoku no ma ni wa dakyō ga arimasen


―Theme Song
  1. For Companionship
  2. For Beauty
  1. For Happiness
  1. For Hope
  1. For Memory

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