"If only you knew how terrible and sacred the bond is. Is it wrong to wish for it to be undone?"

―The Hidden One explaining his motifs.

The Hidden One is the main villian of the Ultraman Moedari series.  He gives power boosts to his servants: kaiju and dark Ultras. He was driven from Argentium, and came to earth's multiverse. There he tried to conquer earth without gaining the attention of the Land of Light Ultras, but was meant with resistance primarily in the form of Ultrawoman Lunaram. 

Lunaram told Moedari somewhat of the Hidden One, and so the Land of Light Ultras knew of him, but could not find him. Meanwhile, the Hidden One developed a resistance to the Malon Beams, which had formerly canceled out his power. However, they still worked if they got past the energy shields that automatically appeared when a Malon Beam was fired.

His true motives remain unknown throughout the majority of the series, but are revealed to be the collection of the four pillar's keystones.


  • The Hidden One is given many nicknames throughout the show, including "Abaddon," a hebrew word for Satan (The Destroyer), as well as calling himself "The Giver."

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