The Darkness One (の暗さ

Subtitle: Lord of Darkness

The Darkness One
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Gender: Male
Height: Micro - Infinity
Weight: 0
Home world/Origin: The Dark Dimension
Series: Ultraman Zach
Type: Alien
Affiliation Leader of The Dark Legion
Created by Brian Haughton

"This must've been how our ancestors intended it to be, the Hero of Light and the Lord of Darkness to meet at the Summit if the Dark Dimension."

―The Darkness One is Ultraman Zach Episode 60


Pre-Ultraman ZachEdit

Billions of years before the Ultraman Zach Series, The Darkness One was created from a star that exploded into a spectacular mix of black and purple, this star was not an ordinary star, but it was infected with Darkness. When this star exploded it created an entire dimension, where the Darkness One is creating an army. This Dimension has an extremely high mountain, where the Final Battle of Zach and the Darkness One took place. Darkness can enhance the physical attributes and the powers of a being that comes in contact with it, like steroids on steroids on steroids. The Darkness One was made of Dark Matter, so he was basically invincible. He created an army of Dark Surged monsters and aliens who decided to ally with him for their spot when The Darkness One takes over the Universe. The Darkness One has conquered countless planets, and tried to take over the Land of Light, Nebula M78.

​Ultraman ZachEdit

It was the beginning of the year 2028, when The Darkness One created a cloud of Darkness above Nebula M78. The Darkness One abducted 4 Ultramen, Ultraman Kal, Ultraman Jet, Ultraman Ji, and Ultraman Zach. The Darkness One infected the four of them with Darkness. The Darkness One sent the four out to wreak havoc on the Land of Light, but Zach was healed by Father of Ultra, but Ultraman Kal tried to fight Zach, but Zach won and Kal retreated. Zach was the only one cured, so be went through therapy. 5 months later in late May, Zach was sent to Earth. The three Dark Surged Ultras are currently healed.


Physical Attributes:Edit

  • Darkness Infection: any sentient being that even touches The Darkness One will immediately be infected by darkness and turned into a dark version of itself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Beam of Darkness: a beam fired from The Darkness One's red eyes.
  • Possession: The Darkness One can possess a living being, without infecting them with darkness.
  • Resurrection of the Dead: The Darkness One can resurrect the dead, but only for around 5 minutes, then they will die again.




"This world shall not be spared, for it shall be consumed and annihilated."

―The Darkness One in Ultraman Zach Episode 58


"For the wolf has set foot in a land of sheep! The sheep shall forever fear the Darkness!"

―The Darkness One in episode 58


"For on the day that legions fall, nations submit, and leaders die, the Darkness shall rule all, the Darkness Shall be all."

―-The Darkness One confronting Zach.


"Fate decrees that you shall die, and the Darkness shall consume all universes."

―The Darkness One during Episode 60


"Destiny is inescapable, all shall kneel before the Dark Lord.During episode 59"

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