The Beast is the codename of the first monster who attack kobe ten years ago, he was been Dark Live by Darker Being to continue his destruction in Earth. Due to his similar to The One, he is considered as a Space Beast, and the first ever Keychain Doll monster that was Dark Live by Darker Being to destroy Earth.

Subtitle :( Za Beast   )

Appearance Edit

The Beast is more like Beast The One from Ultraman The Next Movie. It come form outer Space, landing on earth after been catch by The Light Sphear. He Take a human host and merge with it,so that he can survive. He's a Reptilian being with slightly take other animals form to make it stronger and bigger. Most of sophisticated animal could increase his form, but if he loosing it the animal will relase properly.

He appeared in Ultraman Reuz specials, Ultraman Reuz Ex Episode. 



Power and FormEdit

Berdyuzaru Mode (Final)Edit

  • Fireball : A simple blue ball that come form his mouth. Its his strong attack .First use on attacking the building's in Kobe.
  • Claw : He has a sharp claw which can use for weapon.
  • Wings : His wing was created form bird. With that, he can fly higher to the space flying at his speed.
  • Merging : The Beast currently merge with his human host by killing his humanity.

Sao (First)Edit


Reptilianz (Second)Edit


Reburzan (Third)Edit


Beast (Fourth)Edit



  • The beast has a similar looking body like The One, it its why he was the ancestor of The One but he also was created by Dark Zagi.

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