Universes often appear like great spots of light in the eternal black of the omniverse.

Tener is the home universe of Ultraman Moedari, in which the majority of the series takes place. 


While Tener resembles Exempler/Effinger/Potester (different incarnations of the Showa universe) there are some major conitnuity differences.

  • In this universe, Mebius is older. 
  • Mebius is not in continuity with Exempler (Ultraman-Jack, and Mebius-Zero are Showa continuity, and hence, Exempler. Other alternate incarnations known as Effinger and Potester exist for use in the story). 
  • The Embodiments of Light are the source of an Ultra's power, as well as the source of life. 
  • Time can physically manifest itself as ArgentarThe Light of Time or the Gems of Time.

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