Grand-father and Grandon

The nephew of Shin Hayata.


At ten years old Taro is the orphaned nephew of Shin, his parents died as SSSP members who fought the monster Ghidrah, repelling the space dragon. Since then Taro has lived with his uncle and grandfather. While his grandfather tries to instill in him military discipline, his uncle has been a big brother to him, often giving him sagely advice.


Taro is a rather quite boy due to the lost of his parents, but he grows lively around his uncle who encourages his imagination to grow. Taro is probably the first to hero worship Ultraman.


  • Despite this being a fansite for the Ultra series, Taro was not named after the Ultra with the same name. His name is a popular boy's name for fairytales, which is why Ultraman Taro got his name.

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