Swarm Alien
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Gender: N/A
Height: 35 meters
Weight: 18,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Space
Series: Ultraman Wildcat vs. The Swarm (Special)
Type: Alien
Affiliation Swarm Mother

Swarm Warrior

Created by Zombiejiger

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Eyebeams: The Swarm Aliens can fire energy beams from their eyes.
  • Bladed Legs: The Swarm Aliens have bladed legs, perfect for slashing and cutting.
  • Armor: The Swarm Aliens have a unique and powerful natural armor.
    • Vacuum Survival: The Swarm Aliens can live in outer space with no side effects.
    • Weapons Resistance: The Swarm Aliens are resistant to normal weapons fire.




  • The Swarm Aliens are based on the "Unclean" from the novel series, Star Trek: Invasion. The Unclean are insect-like creatures that are almost impossible to kill.