Super Red King
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Gender: Male
Height: 52 Meters
Weight: 67,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Neo Kaiju
Affiliation Gurnate (Master)
Created by DucantheChoju
Super Red King (スーパーレッドキング, Sūpā reddo kingu) is a powerful kaiju from Ultraman Giz.  He is the first monster to be battled by Giz in Knight Mode.

Subtitle: Greatest Skull Monster (Kyūkyoku no Dokuro Kaijū?)


A new kaiju created by Gurnate, Super Red King was deployed in the Australian Outback, where he ran wild until W.H.A.M appeared to fight him.  He blasted the fighter planes with his Dark Beam until Kyotaro had to summon Giz.  Super Red King proceeded to blast the area and Giz with his powerful energy attacks, before burrowing away.  He appeared later in the center of Canberra, creating chaos freely until W.H.A.M appeared, but this time with a new weapon. 

By anlalysing Kyotaro in a way similar to the Deunamists, the team had created the Ultimate Plasma, a man-made version of the Giz Lightning.  Kyotaro soon became Giz, but changed into Knight Mode very quickly.  Giz deflected the Dark Beam, before letting W.H.A.M use the Ultimate Plasma to stun Super Red King, then using his physical strength he tossed the kaiju around before reverting to Elemental Mode and using the Ultra Brain Chop on him, killing the monster.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Dark Power: Super Red King's powers are based on Minus Energy, allowing these attacks:
    • Dark Beam: Super Red King can shoot a beam of Rezolium Energy from his mouth.  This can harm ultras.
    • Dark Burst: Super Red King can release a pulse of Minus Energy that can hurt ultras.
    • Dark Slice: Super Red King can create a blade of darkness from his mouth to slash and batter foes.
  • Strength: Super Red King is twice as strong as EX Red King, able to toss ultras around like feathers.
  • Burrowing: Super Red King can burrow through the Earth at high speeds.