Super King Jackal
180px-Alien Jackal
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Gender: Male
Height: 65 meters
Weight: 55,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Jackal
Series: UltraFan Crossover
Type: Alien
Affiliation Minus (Master)

Super King Galtan (Ally)

Created by Zombiejiger

TBA Crossover Movie Villain


King Jackal's normal form

Chaos FormEdit

Jackal's horns become much longer and more curved and he gains a third horn on his back. He gains tusks that curve out his mouth and his hair becomes much longer. The Jackal mark has also expanded to cover his face and neck.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Jackal Powers: Jackal has the typical powers of his people, survival in space, super strength, flight, but as their king, his are greater.
  • Kaiju Mimicry: Unlike other shapeshifters, King Jackal can physically transform into a kaiju at will, gaining all of their powers. His favourite forms include.
    • Zetton
    • Pandon
    • Birdon
    • Black King
    • Doragory
    • Giant Alien Tsuruk
    • Izac
  • Chaos Form: King Jackal's new true form, since becoming a servant of minus. He wields greater power in this form.
    • MInus Aura: King Jackal can project a dark aura that will overwhelm weaker opponents
    • Chaos Projection: Instead of just becoming a Kaiju, Jackal can now project a chaos version of another Kaiju, also when he transforms, he becomes a chaos version of that Kaiju.