Spider Zetton
Spider Zetton
Gender: Male
Height: 49m
Weight: 65000 tonnes
Home world/Origin: Land of Darkness
Series: Ultraman One
Type: Villain
Affiliation Belial

Ultraman Virus

Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Spider Zetton is a Zetton Variation created by Belial based on Hyper Zetton and Giganto Zettons data from Zero. He appeared in episode 1. He returned in Ultraman One episode 15 as a Robotic Version of himself.

History Edit


Powers/Abilites Edit


  • Dark Fireballs: Fireballs fired from his hands, it can cause destructive damage to buildings or Ultras.
  • Spider Shield: Spider Zetton can create a shield to block out attacks from enemies.
  • Eight Legs: Spider Zetton has eight legs instead of two.The legs can be used to capture enemies or damage them or fir spider silk
  • Spider Webs: Spider Zetton can fire webs that is very sticky from his legs.
  • Zetton Ray: Spider Zetton can charge his hands wih his minus energy and fired a blue ray. His most powerful attack.
  • Spiderlings: When distracted by humans, Spider Zetton can unleash Spiderlings from his legs to attack them.
  • Poison Unleashing: Like most arachnids, Spider Zetton can release poison which is very toxic.
  • Fangs: It is used to capture enemies by holding them tightly.

Giganto Spider Robotic ZettonEdit

  • Size:This Zetton is 10 times larger than Ultras.
  • Tentacles:Spider Zetton's Spider Webs have evolved into tentacles.It can use to capture foes.It has functions like Giganto Zetton too.
  • Barrier:Spider Zetton can emit a barrier from either tentacles that block any beam attacks.
  • Dark Fireballs:Spider Zetton in this form, can launch dark fireballs from its tentacles or orb in its body.
  • Zetton Lighting:Zetton can launch explosive lighting balls from its tentacles to shock foes.It is an upgraded version of the fireballs.
  • Zetton Ray:It's ultimate attack,Zetton can launch a dark beams from its tentacles.


  • Spider Zetton lost the ability to teleport.
  • Spider Zetton will be appearing later in the series because he is revived by Belial.
  • Image by Cdr

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