Light Of Spark is a legendary weapon use by the choosen weilder of it's Light to battle the darkness. The Light that has the power to overpowered Darkness to destroy them only if it was on the right hand and the most important item for the choosen Ultra.

Spark LensEdit

The Spark Lens has exist for more million's years ago, it was first seen by the oldest Ultra that ever live, Tiga. He transformation item are called Spark Lens, not only that it weild a greater light power than any other items that exist for the Showa Universe. Besides the fact it is the Spark, more it's known as a fighting item now, the item can easily stopped a war from happening, but nowdays everyone can make a clone of the Spark Lens, even for the Dark Side.

After so many time have past, the Dark Spark reborn by a new foe of Ultras, a Dark being holding the purple, black and red crystal of diamond spark. It weilds the greater power of darkness than the light and also a special power that can turn every Being into a Keychains, but the keychains Doll is not something Human's know this days, the chain was lock on the being neck so that they look like a prisoner. They only talk in their innerself, but the Keychain doll can move they own body, only they voice can be here. 

Power of SparkEdit

The special power that the spark weild is the revert back the Keychains Doll into they being self. By putting their Mark chain with the ring key to the Light Spark and Dark Spark eye or ther head which it have the same mark, the Mark Of Destine to convert back their live. As to Ultra, if they were revert back by the Dark Spark, it become something unknown. Some Theorized said that, it would turn them into a Dark power of they self and become a dark Ultra, instead the power of Light.



  • In the Reuz Continuity of Apexz, the Light Of Spark appeared in the Spark Lens itself, it has white colour spark, and a blue crystal is the door of his face.

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