Opening Theme: Now That We've Come So Far

Closing theme: Gunmetal Green

Volume 1Edit

EDF March: Attack of Super X III (Godzilla vs Destroyah)

Monster Appearance: Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II Theme

Caboose's Rage: Godzilla Final Wars Theme

The Darkness One's Theme: Godzilla's Rage (GMK)

Ultraman Zach Fight Theme 1: Ultraman Tiga Battle Theme (FE3)

Ultraman Zach Fight Theme 2: Ultraman Jack Battle Theme (FE3)

EDF March 2: SpaceGodzilla vs M.O.G.E.R.A II #3

EDF Investigations: Halo 2 Peril Remix

Ultraman Zach Aerial Battle: Zero vs Darklops

Volume 2 Edit

Ultraman Zach vs Aboras and Banila/John vs Tracy: Counting Stars

EDF N.Y. vs EDF L.A.: Can't Hold Us

Salvation: Fragments

Volume 3 and 3.5 Edit

Volume 5 Edit

Assault on Tokyo HQ: Can't Trust Anybody Now

Volume 6 Edit

Initial Drop: Terrify!

Character Themes Edit

Max Knight's Theme: (Episode 41-60) Blue Team

John Jackson's Theme: (Episode 2-41) 117

Agent Washington's Theme: Boss Battle

Meta's Theme: When Your Middle Name is Danger

Caroline's Theme: Round One

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