Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: Over 180, 000 years old
Height: 52 meters
Weight: 47, 000 tonnes
Home world: King's Temple (Birthplace)
Land of Light (Occasionally)
Series: Ultraman One
Solar The Series (Planned)
Type: Ally
Fighter Type: Wizard
Fighter Sub-type: Golden Boy
Family Ultron (Father)
Zacon (Mother)
Affiliation Space Garrison
Ultra Elders
Father of Ultra
Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Solar, Ultraman Solar, is the son of Zacon and Ultron. As his name implies, he had th power of the sun in him. He is one of the Ultra Elders, his duties are patrolling the universe and he is currently the adminstrator of King's Temple.

History Edit

Ancient TimesEdit

Solar spends most of his time in his younger days with his parents, training with them and improving his skills for many years to come. When the time is right, he is given the mission to patrol the entire galaxy/universe and he takes this mission very seriously, he would also dispatch Ultras to different planets to defeat evil. Solar also journey to many planets to help the inhabitants there to fight against evil. Solar also become the great adminstrator in the King's Temple, his father and mother are proud of his acheivements.

Ultraman OneEdit

Solar is not present in most of One series, he along with the other Elders, stay in the Land of Light to guard it from the Deleto Race while the other Ultra went to the Evil Realm to defeat Evil Messiah.

Solar The SeriesEdit

A planned series for him but very likely to be scrapped.



  • Grip Strength: 130,000 tonnes
  • Height: 52 meters
  • Weight: 47, 000 tonnes
  • Age: Over 180, 000 years old
  • Homeworld: King's Temple, he temporary stays in the Land of Light
  • Weakness: Unknown
  • Flight Speed: Mach 6
  • Jumping Height: 950 meters
  • Posts:
    • Galaxy Patroner: He held this post since he was 40, 000 years old
    • King's Temple Adminstrator

Body featuresEdit

  • Solar Crystal: A square crystal in his forehead. Used to generate many of his powers.
  • Solar Armor: His skin, it is resistant to fire and lasers. It is unknown whether it is affected by cold weather since he does not come from the Land of Light.
  • Eyes: Like his father, he has green eyes that see though invisible enemies or disguises.
  • Solar Coat: Solar's Ultra Mantle.
  • Sun Crest: Solar has a protector near his chest areas that is similar in shape to a sun, source of his powers.
  • Color Timer: Solar has a color timer.


  • Solar Ray: 'L' style ray. Can pierce though any armor and has half the strength of his father's beam finished.
  • Solar Crescent: Solar can launch very powerful crescent flame blade from his both blades. Can be launched rapidly.
  • Solar Fireball: Solar creates a ball of fire, rains down multiple fire cannons at his foes, can create devastating damage.
  • Pyro Blast: A blast of fiery energy from one of his hands, this energy has the power to push back other beams.
  • Solar Phoenix: Solar can call upon a sun like bird with his own power, he can ride on top of the bird to ride it and for easier transport to space.
  • Dimensional Travel: Solar possess the ability to travel to another galaxy.


  • He was originally to be the strongest Ultra in his main universe but was dropped to be created as Ultron and Zacon son.