It is a new defense team on Earth and it appears in Ultraman One(Series)

History Edit


Memebers Edit

Japan teamEdit


  • One Otari/Ultraman One: One Otari is originally human host of One but has now become his human form due to his death by King-Joe in the movie. One Otari as One had married Isurugi Yamato/Ultrawoman Lila at the end of the movie which is after the series. He now lives in the King's Temple with Isurugi/ Lila as his wife. He transforms using One Bracelet.
  • Haruto Kenki/Ultraman Xena: Before joining, Haruto was Ultrman Xena, helping One without any organisations help. Haruto was inspired by One to join in Episode 14.
  • Mirai Tomoya/Ultraman Giga: Mirai was originally assilimated by Alien Magician since young, she merged with Giga after Alien Magician's death. She was granted the Baraji Stone to call on Giga's power. Her favourite attacks as Giga are Nexus finishers as well as Giga Shot.


  • Kato Mosa/Ultraman Kato/One Darkness: Kato Mosa was possessed by One Darkness, he joined in order to terminate One. He was the lover of Sakura and Marina due to his wooing strength. As One Darkness(evil Ultraman Kato), he is cruel and ruthless, as Ultraman Kato, he is kind and gentle. He continues to be in SACD as a part time job currently and married to Marina Mizuki. He also lives with his parents now.
  • Toshiwa Kata
  • Marina Tomoya
  • Sakura Mizuki
  • Zena Wakura

Singapore TeamEdit

The Singapore team, there are only three members, but they are more superior than those in Japan team.

  • Johny Tan:The captain and inspector general for SACD, he holds a higher position that Toshiwa Kata and Marina.50 years old.
  • Kate:The female members of the team, she goes with Johny to Japan.She is the deputy captain of the team.
  • Sawa Katowa:The members, male.He is kind-hearted and straight forward.25 years old.

Guns and Mecha Edit

  • Ak456 Mother Plane: The captain of all planes and many of the mini plane are stored inside of this plane.It has many cannons and bullets to be fired from this plane.
  • APlane: Blue color design and fly very fast.Many missiles and bullets are stored inside.
  • BPlane: Orange color design and fly very slow.It is electrical Abilites and magma fired from this plane.
  • CPlane: The most powerful plane.It can travel underwater and on land.Very nice design.
  • Laser Shotgun: The gun used by the members,very powerful. It fires several orange blast like beams that can kill small monsters.

Upgraded MechaEdit

An inspector from Singapore has brought many new guns and planes to Japan base, they are listed here: All chesters mechas when combined into one, it is extremely powerful as shown it is able to flipy to moon, defeat One Darkness and then revive Ultraman One, showing all mechas are capable of storing large amounts of energy. However, they are in insane repairs now, making it unable to be used against Hell-Death threats.

  • The'Supersonic' Fighter:One of the planes brought from Singapore, it is very modern and it can fly very fast. Very advanced as it's bullets and missiles are improved greatly.
  • Mega Chester:Another great plane, design and created by the inspector.It is inspired by one of the planes in TLT.It also has the ultimate Vanisher. Despite it, it can travel underwater or drill underground.
  • Loader Fighter:The last and final plane brought to Japan, this was the ultimate weapon, it is very powerful. However, this was destroyed by the dark ultra brothers in episode 9.
  • Chester Walker:A fighter jet that was not supposed to be made to fly.However,it can combine with other fighter jet to became a ultimate fighter and allowed it to fly.
  • Meteor Gun:The gun brought from Singapore, it is a big machine gun used by members.It has many functions.
  • Memory Eraser:Given to each member, it is only used to erase the memories of bad past that has a psychic damage to the person.


Weapons are lasers or beams attacks that are used by SACD. Though not used in most episodes, it's major use is it Episode 14.

  • Ultimate Vanisher: The chesters can fire a very powerful blue beam. It is powerful as it is able to take down One Darkness when all chesters combine into one particular beam. Equal it strength with One Darkness Giga Deathcium Slash. There another version used to revive Ultraman One.
  • Webbing Lasers: White lasers fired, it is also sticky to lock foes as well as causing burns on foes.
  • Shield: The chesters can also creates a shield.
  • Missiles: The chesters can fre a very powerful missiles, usually six to eight missiles at once.

Suit Edit

None, the members in this team wear their own clothes and shirt.

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