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Slender Ultraman (スレンダーウルトラマン) is the scariest entity on the planet, haunting and stalking people since the era of Slenderman. He's Slenderman's brother, OLDER BROTHER, and basically went to another universe to stalk others.


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Profile and TechniquesEdit

  • Height: 4m to 50m
  • Weight: None
  • Other stats unknown


  • Teleportation: Slenderma... I mean Slender Ultraman, is adept at teleportation, and I can say he's even more better than his brother. He leaves purple glitter whenever he teleports from one place to another.
  • Tentacles: He has tentacles, just like his own brother, able to constrict and kill victims, but he uses them rarely, unwilling to use them because he thinks they look ugly.
  • Slender Shot: A highly concentrated beam fired out from crossed ar...I mean, his arm, which can totally vaporize victims.
  • Slender Slash: A hand-slash type energy shot, capable of phasing through opponents.