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Gender: Varies
Height: 55 meters
Weight: 65,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Unknown, possible the Land of Death
Series: Ultraman Orion
Ultraman Myth
Type: Monster, villain
Affiliation Mother of Shadows
Children of Shadows
Created by SolZen321
Title: Possession Monster


Skulletor appears as a generic giant monster, but its head resembles a human skull with fangs for teeth and sunken white eyes. Skulletor's body appears to be made from dark vines wrapped together in the classic giant monster form, but covered in compressed stones of granite fused together with the fines to create a second skin. It has a long neck and arms. Its fangs are like sharpen branches and it eyes are pairs of three white stones.


  • Height: 55 meters
  • Weight: 65,000 tons


  • Possession: As his title implies, Skulletor can possess other beings in a manner similar to an Ultra assimilating with a host. Skulletor can control the host without their permission, though if their will is strong they can resist him. Beings such as Ultras are impossible for him to control.
    • Skill: Skulletor's fighting skill varies depending on the host that it currently possesses
  • Shadow Sphere: When not possessing a host Skulletor takes the form of a black mass of shadows. It can move like a travel sphere.
  • Smog Breath: Skulletor can spew out black smog that sticks to things and immolates itself and when ever it is clung to. The smog catches fire, soon after coming in contact with the air.
    • Fireball: By holding the smog in its throat and mixing it with oxygen, Skulletor can fire a high powered ball of plasma.
  • Strength: Skulletor is a very strong monster, not just in terms of brawn, unlike most he can run without lumbering and jump very high.


Ultraman OrionEdit

Skulletor comes from unknown regions, it's origin is steeped in mystery, all that is known is that it lives to hound Ultras. Drawn to the Minus Energy field, Skulltor possessed a men to wreak havoc, escaping each time he is defeated until...

Ultraman MythEdit

Skulletor is the first child of the Mother of Shadows, sent to destroy Ultraman so the mother of monsters can be freed to turn the world into a monster's paradise. To do this he possess one of the members of the village and sets to turn them against Ultraman's host.


  • Skulltor is based of Red King and Femigon, his name is drawn from He-Man's archnemesis Skeletor

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