Shining Shining Zero is an enhanced form of Ultraman Zero created because Tsuburya needed more money and decided Ultraman Zero didn't have enough super forms. Canonically, he is a very powerful form of Ultraman Zero that makes him insanely OP, as he is intended to be.

History Edit

Series Edit

Shining Shining Zero was an especially overpowered version of Ultraman Zero, who gained this form after his home universe was destroyed by a great evil. Zero survived this and absorbed the energies of every of Ultra in that universe, transforming him into an even more powerful version of his Shining Form. Shining Shining Zero killed the being that destroyed his universe (or so he thought) and then went to other universes battling evil and accidentally causing much damage in the process, which he was able to repair due to his new abilities while somehow becoming even more ridiculously overpowered than before.

And with this, Shining Shining Zero began his new life, traveling throughout the multiverse battling various threats in order to maintain peace in the multiverse.

Ultraman Two Edit

Shining Shining Zero randomly appeared in Ultraman Two to thwart Big Bad after he possessed Two.

Ultra Hero Taisen Edit

Shining Shining Zero appears in Ultra Hero Taisen and is seen the beginning of the Taisen, in which he and several other overpowered characters involved in the Taisen battle one another to the death and end up killing one another. Shining Shining Zero was revived by Ultraman King at the end of the Taisen.

Exterminus's Assault Edit

Shining Shining Zero later helped beat Ultraman Exterminus at some point.

Shining Shining Zero and Ultraman Neo Xenon The Movie! OP Ultras Unite! Edit

Note: This section is directly copied from Shining Neo Saga's history section, so it may be tedious to read if you have already seen Shining Neo Saga

So in this movie thing that will probably never have a page, Shining Shining Zero and Neo Xenon had become allies and went about protecting the multiverse from threats. However after Shining Shining Zero faced his evil clone Anathema Zero, the two realized that a new threat may be arising, and the return of Shiny Lord, the most detestable and hated being in the universe, was imminent. As such, the two went to the location of a large mass of Anathema, where they presumed Shiny Lord was hiding out. It turned out that indeed he was, and that he had planned for the two to arrive. After Shining Shining Zero questioned Shiny Lord on planning to have to bring two of the most powerful Ultras in the multiverse to his location, Shiny had Anathema Zero, who had been repaired after being absolutely destroyed defeated by Shining Shining Zero. He commanded his robot to absorb all of the Anathema in the area, and sent it to attack the two Ultras. Neo Xenon, owing SSZ a favor after he took care of SUPER HYPER MEGA OMEGA ULTRA ULTIMATE GODZILLA whilst Neo Xenon was on vacation, simply killed Anathema Zero in a quick fight. Shiny Lord threw a tantrum, before realizing he still had one thing up his sleeve, an incredibly powerful Kaiju, created from the DNA of every overpowered Jugrus Jaggler fusion into one, known only as Overpoweredmons. Shiny Lord was about to tell this monstrosity to attack the two overpowered Ultras, but SSZ and Neo Xenon were tired of his crap and simply destroyed him with their pinkies. This caused Overpoweredmons to go into a rage and attack everything in sight, destroying reality itself as it continued. Shining Shining Zero and Neo Xenon attempted to fight off Overpoweredmons, and although they fared well at first, surprisingly, not even they could defeat the stupidly powerful plot device Kaiju. With no other options, the two OP Ultras decided to combine their powers into one, fusing and creating even more OP Shining Neo Saga! Ultraman Shining Neo Saga battled Overpoweredmons, and easily defeated him, saving the multiverse from it's destructive rampage. Afterwords, the two Ultras seperated, bidding eachother farewell, before going off into the multiverse to continue their very one-sided battle against the forces of evil.

Ultras' Bizarre Adventure Roleplay Edit

Shining Shining Zero appeared in this roleplay after being summoned by Legacy speed dialing him. Afterwords he made frequent appearances in the roleplay. Sometimes he would easily win battles for the heroes, commenting on how he had gotten better at not destroying any multiverses when he used his attacks. Sometimes however he would be easily distracting or nonchalant about everything, likely due to none of the enemies faced in the roleplay being a challenge for him, playing on his phone or at one point even falling asleep. However SSZ did help the heroes out of a few close calls during the roleplay's events. Also at one point SSZ referenced a poker game he was playing with Neo Xenon and the Titan Princes. How and why such poker games occur is unknown.

Shining Shining Zero would continue to appear throughout the role-play series, usually aiding the heroes when things got too tough.

Personality Edit

Shining Shining Zero has much the same personality as the normal Ultraman Zero, although now he as an actual reason to be cocky. He takes his duties to protect the multiverse seriously however, and will battle any and all threats to it. Despite his almost godly nature, Zero still values life, often using his reality warping powers to reverse the collateral damage caused by his battles. However when the enemy at hand is not really worth his time such as in Ultras Bizarre Adventure, he will become easily distractible or only help in battle if he feels it is necessary.

Forms Edit

Shining Shining Zero
Shining Ultraman Zero

Shining Shining Zero's normal form.

Abilities: Edit

  • Shining Shining Wide Zero Shot. A powerful beam of energy that is powerful enough to wipeout the likes of Arch Belial, Magata no Orochi, Zogu, Desastro, Zaigorg, Godzilla in all incarnations, Dark Lugiel, Dark Zagi, Alien Empera, Hyper Zetton, and Gattohanothor in one blow, and still destroy three multiverses.
  • Shining Shining Emerium Slash. a very powerful beam of energy from Zero's beam lamp. It is golden in color as opposed to the normal beam, and is almost as powerful as the Shining Shining Wide Zero Shot. The beam can also become massive in size of Shining Shining Zero so desires.
  • Shining Shining Punch. Shining Shining Zero's punch is powerful enough to kill a monster on the scale of Beryudora with a single punch. This is why in some universes Shining Shining Zero is known as "One-Punch Ultra". Despite this, Shining Shining Zero has never met Saitama, although he claims he respects a guy who doesn't play around in fights and gets the job done. Due to his own moral barriers, Shining Shining Zero will sometimes lessen the impact of his punch by holding back.
  • Shining Shining Zero kick. A golden flaming kick that is powerful enough to kill every single Kaiju in the Magnaverse if used at full power. Often, Shining Shining Zero uses a weaker variant in usual combat.
  • Popularitium Ray. A beam made of Zero's sheer popularity that allows him to win pretty much any battle
  • Shiny Zero twin sluggers. Sluggers that can cut through infinity
  • can grow to any size he wants
  • Shining Shining Zero has no time limit. EVER
  • Shining Shining Zero can not be nerfed or have his abilities restricted in any universe. Ever.
  • Wiki-Exterminatium Beam. A beam that can destroy everything on this wiki.
  • Wiki-Exterminatium Beam. A beam that destroys Wikia itself.
  • Shining Shining Aura. A glowing like coming off of Shining Shining Zero's body that can blind any being in a 100000000000000000 mile radius. He can control this ability however.
  • Overpowerdium Hax Beam. Kills Ultraman Neo Mebius, Ultraman OPius, Ultraman Card, Ultraman King, Ultraman Noa, and Ultraman Saga, or any being of similar power to these examples in one shot. Obviously he wouldn't kill the Ultras used as example because they're friends or something.
  • Shining Shining Zero can travel 100000000000x faster than infinity
  • Omnipotence. but only when he feels like most of the time he's not Omnipotent.
  • Impervious to actually being used in stories because of how OP he is.
  • Plot Armor. An indestructible field of energy around his body.
  • Dues Ex Machina Powers. Shining Shining Zero can be wherever the plot demands him to be. This can also be counted as a form of Dimensional Travel
  • Shining Zero Calibur. A sword like weapon gifted to Shining Shining Zero by Orb, which he often uses in battle. It can also fire a beam that is immensely powerful, but thankfully less destructive than the Shining Shining Wider Zero Shot.
  • Energy Backlash: From an energy spark on his right hand, Zero can repel any target he choose.
  • Reality Warping. Shining Shining Zero has some reality warping abilities. This includes:
    • The ability to create random bars out of thin air to hang out with other OP Ultras in.
    • Fixing multiverses destroyed by his insanely powerful attacks with a single thought, while also keeping whatever enemy he was fighting dead.
    • Teleporting himself and others at will.
    • Highly proficient telepathic and telekinetic abilities
  • Shining Shining Star Drive: Zero is able to gather a sphere of energy to rewind time within a local area. A side effect of this power is that celestial bodies appear to move in reverse very quickly. Not only that, Zero can change history using this technique. This appears to be a possible extension of his reality warping abilities. Sometimes Shining Shining Zero will simply stop time in order to fire his beam and easily kill an enemy. For unknown reasons, he rarely uses this ability.
  • Self-Exorcism: Should any external forces try to hijack the control of his body, he is capable of expelling them through his innate power.
  • Shining Shining Zero possesses the ability to lessen his own power, usually to make the destruction caused by his attacks less severe.

Shining Zero
Shining Zero

Shining Shining Zero's weakened form after being hit by Ultraman Dao's Nerf Bomb. This form reverts him to the normal Shining Ultraman Zero, however he is still more powerful than said form. It should be noted that due to the somewhat faulty quality of the weapon, the effects are only temporary and Shining Zero's energies slowly return over time.

Abilities Edit

  • Shining Wide Zero Shot (シャイニングワイドゼロショット Shainingu Waido Zero Shotto?): Zero is able to fire a Shining version of Wide Zero Shot it able to destroy his target in an instant. (Ultraman All Star Chronicles Only)
  • Shining Emerium Slash (シャイニングエメリウムスラッシュ Shainingu Emeriumu Surasshu?): Zero is able to fire a Shining version of Emerium Slash. It is a massive version of the normal Beam.
  • Energy Backlash: From an energy spark on his right hand, Zero can repel any target he chooses.
  • Self-Exorcism: Should any external forces try to hijack the control of his body, he is capable of expelling them through his innate power.
  • Zero can perform a less powerful and harder to control version of the Shining Shining Star Drive in this form, but has never done so.
  • Upon regaining enough of his energies, Shining Zero can transform back into his normal form of Shining Shining Zero at will. This was shown when he lead the Parodies into battle during the attack on the Shining Cathedral in Parody Hero Taisen.
  • Theoretically, Shining Shining Zero can transform into this form at will, seeing as how he can tone down his own power to lessen the destruction caused by his attacks, but has never had a reason to do so.

Shining Shining Shining Zero

Form by: Zenon

Shining Shining Zero's ultimate form, gained in Parody Hero Taisen when he fused himself with Ultraman Zero Alter, Ultraman 0, and the remaining energies of the deceased Ultraman Neo Zero. This form makes him even more powerful than he was before.

Abilities =Edit

Shining Shining Shining Zero retains all the previous abilities of his normal form, as well as gaining a few.

  • Super Saiyan Anti-Parody Extermination Shining Emerium Crash: An attack so powerful that even if used at minimal power can kill most enemies in an instant.
  • Sextuple Noa Wings of Fiery: The first wing controls time, the second grants him omnipotence. The third lets him see through the past, present and future, the fourth allows for teleportation and omnipresence. The fifth, wields all forms of matter and telekinetic control, and the sixth grants immortality.

Shining Shining Luminous Radiant Sparkling Zero

Shining Shining Zero decides to take a que from his friend Ultraman 0, and tries unleashing the light of the bonds he has forged in his adventures, transforming him into this form. It was first used on the Land of Parodies to simply see what would happen, and then later against an invading force of Cringians.

Abilities =Edit

  • In this form Shining Shining Zero retains all of his previous abilities, which are now strengthened by the unleashing of his light. He also stops holding back his power in this form, hence his ability to wipe out several Cringians with ease. However, the power of this form becomes much like that of Ultraman OPius, where if Shining Shining Zero is not careful he could destroy a lot of things just by existing. So Shining Shining Zero only uses this form in combat, as his beams and other attacks can expel the excess energy that might accidentally go into his movements and blow up the Land of Parodies the second he lifts a finger.

Trivia Edit

  • This wad my first Ultra on this wiki.
  • yay I have an OP Ultra now.
  • Yes I know Zero was OP to begin with
  • For whatever reason, Ultraman Legacy has Shining Shining Zero on speed dial. This is only seen in roleplays.
  • Shining Shining Zero has been ripped off had the most forms or other characters based on him of any Parody Ultra to date. I am a bit proud of this.
  • Credit to Zenonkou75 for the creation of Shining Shining Shining Zero.
  • Shining Shining Zero is obviously a parody of OP characters on this wiki, and all TsuPro's tendency to keep giving Ultraman Zero super forms and upgrades and make him more and more OP over time.
    • Despite this latter reason, Shining Shining Zero was actually created before Ultraman Zero Beyond.
  • Shining Shining Zero's friendship with Ultraman Legacy, only shown in roleplays, is somewhat interesting. Although seemingly dismissive of Legacy and his allies, only showing up to combat the current threat, Shining Shining Zero has shown that he does in fact care about Legacy as a friend, with the two being fairly casual with one another despite not having known each other as long as Legacy or SSZ have their other allies. Shining Shining Zero even showed interest in Legacy's romantic pursuit of Ultrawoman Hentai.

Gallery Edit

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