The UVG Shin Hayata

The incarnation of Shin Hayata that appears in Ultraman Versus Godzilla.


Shin once attempted to join the SSSP like his father and older brother but failed three times to make the cut, due to his issue with the idea of putting orders before people's lives. Since then he has had a tense relationship with his military father, while serving as a big brother to his orphaned nephew, whose parents died in the SSSP.

He works as a mechanic for the SSP.


Unlike the original Hayata, this one is not keen on fighting. He is overall a nice guy, but would rather not be bothered with the SSSP's issue (aka monsters) he is however not a coward and would not hesitate to run into a collapsing building to save a child.

Shin holds people's lives as more sacred than anything else, especially military dogma.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Deunamist Powers: During his merger with Ultraman Shin found he gain superhuman abiliities
    • SuperStrength: Shin could exert greater force and power than a normal person, he was also more durable.
    • UItra Immunity: Any drug or illness that does manage to work on his, he grows resistant too quickly.
    • ESP: Shin senses have heightened, he also has extra-sensory perception.
  • Markmenship: Shin is a trained marksmen.
  • Pilot: Despite having little air time, he left the academy with record marks.
  • Combat Training: He may not look like it, but Shin is an experienced hand-to-hand fighter and knows how to handle weapons.
  • Mechanic Training: Shin knows the ins and outs of most machines.


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