Sangohebi Oni is a monster from Ultraman Gamma.

Subtitle: Coral Snake Oni (珊瑚ヘビの鬼, Sangohebi Oni)


Sangohebi is a serpentine oni. He has the head of a coral snake with large horns. He has a scaly body, with no tail. He wears samurai-like armor. He also has a sheath for his katana.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Sword of the Serpent  (蛇の剣, Hebi no Ken/Tsurugi): Sangohebi Oni has a large katana which has snake venom on the blade. The handle of the sword is made to look like a snake's head, with the blade emerging from its mouth.
    • Swordsmanship: Sangohebi Oni is extremely skilled at using a sword.
    • Energy Slice: Sangohebi Oni's sword can fire a green energy slice from its blade.
  • Venomous Bite: Sangohebi Oni can bite enemies and inject poison. This will weaken Ultras.
  • Armor: Sangohebi Oni wears armor that can resist the Specium Ray.
  • Stone Body: Sangohebi Oni is actually a statue that came to life, so he can take punches from Ultraman Gamma Power Mode.


If struck by a purifying beam, Sangohebi Oni will revert back into a statue.




  • Sangohebi means coral snake in Japanese.