Ele sabotendar
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Gender: male
Height: 62m
Weight: 50,000t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster
Affiliation Yapool
Created by Ultramanminecraft
Sabotendar is a Super Monster that is sent by Yapool in the series Ultraman Element. He appears in episode 4

Subtitle: Cactus Super Beast


Height: 62m

Weight: 50,000 t

Powers, AbilitiesEdit

Cactus Form: He can hide himself as a cactus, he is able to move and eat in this form

Tounge: He can shot out his very long tounge to tie foes up

Spikes: He uses the spikes on him as attack and defense purposes

Acid Spray: He can exqruite acidic like spray from his mouth


One day Sabotendar rised out of the ground to desimate the world of man, Ultraman Element came to stop it but, was repeatly jabed at and the monster hid itself. The monster hid itself as a cactus and started eating pets and people that it saw. After it was soon discovered by floraists and soon attacked before growing again. Ultraman Element came again and the two did battle. One of the jet fighters lauched a very powerful missle into its back and soon lit on fire. The silver giant then finished him with a Destruction orb.


  • The diffrence with Sabotendar is the notibale desret like area on his bqack and a blue line that goes from his back to tail. He also can use the one spike ball on one side and use it like a chain. He also posses small prickles on his body but, does little damage to Ultra's

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