The SSSP's mission wear in UVG

The incarnation of the SSSP in the Ultraman Versus Godzilla fan Movie


After the first Godzilla attack, and subsequant battles with other monsters the world banded together and form an elite unit under direct control of the UN to fight monsters.

The SSSP has operated for years fighting monsters such as Megalon, Gigan and the dreaded Ghidrah whose modern day attack in the nineties, claimed the lives of many people.


From left to Right

  • Member Takeda: One of the Pilots
  • Member Ide: A pilot and resident genius, who build devices to help find and defeat monsters.
  • Commander Muramatsu: Formerly a subordinate under Commander Meiji Hayata, and knew his older son, is a calm individual. Fought in the battle against Ghidrah.
  • Member Fuji: The Ace Pilot, her military outlook on life clashes with Shin's. She lost her little brother in a monster attack and has since sworn to destroy all monsters.
  • Member Arashi: The strongman of the team, lost his mother in the battle against Ghidrah. Is a weapons expert and sharpshooter.
  • Member Shingo: Another Pilot, he is something of a daredevil. His attitude hides his trauma caused by the Ghidrah attack.


  • Despite being formed by the U.N. the SSSP must answer to Japan, other counter/regions have their own teams. Each team is supplied by the U.N. but those resources are bout by the nations.

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