Giant Mutant Squirrel Ri
Gender: Female
Height: 270 meters (standing, not counting tail)

67 meters (when walking)

Weight: 240,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Ultraman Moedari
Type: Mutant
Affiliation Neutral/The Hidden One
Created by Stephan222

Ri is a giant mutant squirrel, powered up by dark energy from the Hidden One. Her main power is her immense speed, which enables her to go to speeds of up to Mach 10. She can be quite fierce when she feels threatened. 


  • "Ri" is the first kanji (リ) in the Japanese word for squirrel, risu. 
  • Ri and Risu are the third story arc equivalents of Henuk and Henuko, Moedari's first opponents. 

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