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Gender: Male
Height: 65 Meters
Weight: 72,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Zach
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation The Darkness One
Created by Brian Haughton
Reigubas is a crustacean kaiju from Ultraman Zach.


Reigubas IEdit

Reigubas was sent down by The Darkness One to destroy Ultraman Zach again. Reigubas was defeated by Ultraman Zach and Caboose.

Reigubas choked Zach, which made Caboose got so mad that he went ballistic, and because of his immense strength he was able to tear a hole in Reigubas' foot.  Zach then killed Reigubas with the Fire Blast.

Reigubas IIEdit

Reigubas appeared in Episode 11:  Ultra From Hell Phase II, as one of Ultraman Jet's minions. It was defeated by Ultraman Kain.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Claws: Reigubas has claws which were used to choke Ultraman Zach.
  • Fire Breath: Reigubas breathes fire from its mouth.