For Zombiejiger's Ultraman revamp, see ULTRAMAN

Ultraman REVAMP (ウルトラマン·改造 Urutoraman kaizo), abbreviated as RE:ULTRA, is, as the title states, a retelling of the original Ultraman story, set in an alternate timeline, approaching the setting and its characters in a much more brutal, darker point of view.


An alien, bent on vengeance, vows to combat the Allegiance, an organisation whose objective is to turn the galaxy into colonies. 

Unfortunately, the alien's home planet, full of similar beings like him, were killed off and the planet was turned to slavery for the Allegiance, to survive. The alien had breached the planet's security, and was chased onto a planet, named by its inhabitants as Earth.

He encounters Shin Hayata, a deceased young pilot whom he revives yet again as a human host, to survive on this planet's atmosphere and fight back against the invaders.


  • Humans are warring against the Allegiance for survival, with the Allegiance only sending small troops to fight against the humans, and giant monsters called Kaiju. They plan to attack the hub of Neo Tokyo, one of the richest countries at that time.
  • In this year of 2099, the human race has drastically advanced in technology, building giant laser mounts for war. The human race has achieved peace amongst each other, until the Allegiance came, which resulted in the Earth coming together to fight against this new threat.



  • Ultraman


  • Shin Hayata


  • 1. The Giant, Operation #1
  • 2. Blast the Invaders
  • 3. The Assassination Plan #1
  • 4. The Assassination Plan #2
  • 5. Super Monster, Deployed
  • 6. Lightning Strike, Threat
  • 7. Weakness of the Giant
  • 8. Grand Weapon of the Allegiance
  • 9. Farewell, Ultraman.

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