Title: Interstellar Monster


Prokarydon has a upright body made of rock, his back is like a turtle shell and made of a dark rock, his face is wround and his mouth is wide while his eyes are white marble. He has an ape like body structure and claws with a small flat tail.


Prokarydon is made up of a type of bacteria that lives in space, feeding on plasma from solar flares, the micropes cannot surive direct exposure and so made rock bodies like coral on Earth. Unlike Earth Coral, these microbes made a mobile body to help defend themselve against their natural predator Gallon.

One such creatue was accidentally transported to Earth by a human scientist given alien tech from an unknown source, the experiment on interstellar communication produced a transporter.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Invulnerbility: Prokarydon's body is resistant to conventional weaponry
  • Ambient Energy Absorption: Prokarydon absorbs all forms of ambient energy, from fire, to heat, even Zen's Cosmic ray is but food to the creature.
  • Plasma Ejection: Prokarydon can fire tongues of flames or condense it into a fireball.
  • Plasma Ejection Jet: By ejecting flames from its back and feet, Prokarydon can fly through the air.
  • High Spin: Prokarydon can withdraw into his shell and spin around like Gamera
  • Growth: So long as there is enough energy and available material, Prokarydon can grow larger.


  • Prokarydon gets weaker in colder regions, which is why it never grew to such massic sizes in space.


  • Despite the Gamera like qualities, Prokarydon is based of a space creature that appeared in Transformers Animated.
  • It name comes from Prokaryotes, the scientific name for single cell organisms such as bacteria.

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