Human Host: None.
Gender: Male
Age: 5700 years old
Height: 47 meters
Weight: 35, 000 tons
Home world: Land of Light, Nebula M78
Series: Ike! Prisman
Type: Ultra
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Family Nah
Affiliation Grandos, Spygar, Khan Digifer (enemies)
Created by Mao Wu Kong

Prisman is an Ultra from The Land Of Light in Nebula M78.


Prisman is mostly a kind hearted Ultra. He can get nervous and panicky sometimes, especially if his friends are in danger. He can be reckless and violent, as will be seen in (....spoilers.....) Secret of the Crimson Killer.


Studying at a Ultra school, he came to Earth on an excursion when he was a child(classified in Ultra years of course). One of the places they explored was Antartica, to see the different habitats on Earth. He wandered off and spotted a huge translucent, multicoloured rock, when he touched it strange energy surged through him. The prismatic energy mixed with his light and granted him strange abilities. After his superiors discovered his powers, they just thought he had very unique powers. Some time later, when he heard the news of The Returning Ultraman destroying a prismatic rock, Pris-Ma, he felt somewhat sad. Thinking he was the last being to have such powers in the universe, he renamed himself "Prisman" after his multicoloured light powers and dropped his "Ultraman" title.

Ike! PrismanEdit

Prisman was called into action to defend the Earth from Grandos, an alien prisoner who had escaped from his home planet and had plans to conquer Earth. Thereafter, Prisman fought against Grandos, his follower Spygar, and Khan Digifer, and the 3D Kaiju created by them. Over the course of the series he would receive help and advice from Ultraman, Mirrorman, Fireman, Ultraseven, and many other heroes.

Ultra Hero Taisen!Edit

(This is not cannon, cos of obvious reasons)

Prisman appeared in this giant chaotic crossover. Ultras started fighting against each other for some reason. In the prologue, Ultraman Ginga fired the Ginga Cross Shoot at Prisman, who absorbed the attack and shot it out in all directions. Victory and Ginga himself was killed by the beam. Soon after, Prisman also exploded.


Multi Mode

Prisman's default form. His crystals are rainbow coloured.

Powers & Abilities

  • Size change: Prisman can shrink and grow giant.
  • Prism Kick: An attack similar to the Leo Kick where Prisman concentrates Prismatc energy to his right foot and jumps into the air to kick his opponent.
  • Asteroid: Prisman does a front flip, hooks his opponent's neck and charges Prismatic energy to his feet. When the enemy is flipped, the results are neck breaking, decapitation and then an explosion. (or just a little damage for stronger enemies.)
  • Prismatic Beam: An energy attack where Prisman puts his left arm forward and bends his arm so that it is parallel to his body and his clenched right hand, to the wrist left arm. It is like Taro's Storium Ray position but with the arms turned anticlockwise 90 degrees. He will fire a ray of Prismatic Energy. The amount of energy released can be regulated
  • Prism Shot: Small beams of energy fired in succession. Causes small explosions.
  • Ultra Prism Bracelet: An Ultra Bracelet worn on his left hand. It can be morphed into various weapons.
    • Prism Spear: A spear created from the Prism Bracelet. Can pierce his enemies.
    • Prism Bomb
    • Prism Whip
    • Prism Catch
    • Prism Fire
  • Prism Flash: Prisman releases a large amount of energy that can severely weaken enemies and can tear through dimensions

Red Mode

Powers & Abilities

Orange Mode

Powers & Abilities

Yellow Mode

Powers & Abilities

Green Mode

Powers & Abilities

Blue Mode

Powers & Abilities

  • Ultra Shower: Prisman can extinguish flames when he clasps his hands together. First used to extinguish Kitty Fire's flames.

Indigo Mode

Powers & Abilities

Violet Mode

Powers & Abilities


  • Prisman's concept of prismatic powers was originally used for Ultraman Spectrum (Character), but after Spectrum's series was abandoned, another Ultraman Spectrum page was made by another user, creating a strange situation.
  • Astra originally took Prisman's place in the series Ike! Astra which was sort of a pilot series before Ike! Prisman


Ike! Prisman

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