An expert in biology, often leads investigations and forensic searches and clean ups. Is very interested in the giant Orion.


She is of African American descent, middle aged, with curly hair and pretty. She has an hourglass figure and tone body from being in the field.


Haley is a scientist first and foremost and may at times put scientific interest before her morals as she desires to broaden mankind's understanding. She is very interested in Ultraman and how his abilities work. She can be motherly at times but is often direct.

Zwei Era Edit

Haley is now relaxed on the outside, but is quick tempered with her subordinates. She is keen to solve the mystery of kaiju and hoping it will bring peace to the world.


The head of STAR's forensic division, Haley coordinates the investigation and clean up and monster attacks, UFO sightings and crime scenes.

She is strangely best friends with Mizuki despite their opposite personalities.

Zwei Era Edit

Haley is now head of an institute devoted to understanding Kaiju and finding ways to live in peace with them. She is now the head of Monster Island, an artificial land mass, holding natural and man made Kaiju for study. She is also famous for her book 'Ultraman: The Science we don't Understand', a book about Ultras, mainly Orion, and her theories behind his anatomy and abilities.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Scientific knowledge: Haley has a masters in biology, genetics and forensics.
  • STAR training: Haley has basic STAR training.

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