Power Rangers: Ultra Resistance
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Created by: GeedWarrior26 and KitsuneSoldier
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Preceded by Ultraman X

Ultraman: Knights of the Cosmos

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Power Rangers: Ultra Resistance is a series by GeedWarrior26 and KitsuneSoldier, with several other users supplying characters. It is an Ultraman + Power Rangers crossover, which takes place in the same universe as Ultraman: Knights of the Cosmos and contains elements from Ultraman X.

Plot Edit

An Age of Monsters has ended, and the Ultras have returned to their home in the Land of Light. Earth is at peace... until the infamous criminal Alien Velos Rapier sets his sights on the planet.

But there's a catch. Rapier knows he can't defeat the heroes of Earth. But he knows someone who could. And he has a plan to bring him back.

There is still hope. XIO has some new recruits, and they've been entrusted with the power of kaiju. The Ultra Resistance has begun!

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Episode 1: New Recruits

Characters Edit

Rangers Edit

GeedWarrior26 Edit

KitsuneSoldier Edit

  • Kit Simons: Black Zetton Ranger
    • Normal
    • Maga-Zetton Ranger
  • Melina Simons: Orange Pandon Ranger
    • Normal
    • Maga-Pandon Ranger

Ultraman Plasma Edit

Cdr Edit

  • Alien Pedan Carlos: Gold King Joe Ranger

Zenon Edit

  • Naomi: Silver Galactron Ranger
    • Normal
    • Mk2 Armor

BigD2003 Edit

  • Tetsu Ray: Crimson Demaaga Ranger
    • Normal
    • Tsurugi

Emgaltan Edit

  • Someone

Allies Edit

  • XIO
    • Sayuri Tachibana
    • Daichi Ozora
    • Zark
  • Chez Fanton

Villains Edit

  • Alien Velos Rapier
  • Alien Mephilas Maugus
  • Alien Hipporito Horrachiorre
  • Alien Chibu Crania
  • Alien Salome Techtel
  • Chiburoids (footsoldiers)
  • Darklops (zord fight footsoldiers)
  • Greeza

Arsenal Edit

Morphers Edit

  • Cyber Cards (Used by all rangers)
  • XIO Devizer (Used by Auburn, George and Hinata)
  • XIO Brace (Used by the Simons siblings)
  • XIO Maga-Blaster (Used by the Orochi Ranger and to access the Simons siblings' Maga forms)
  • XIO Driver (Used by Tetsu)
  • Dark Thunder Energy Tank (Used to access Tetsu's Tsurugi form)

Weapons Edit

Sidearms Edit

  • Ultlaser
    • XIO Blaster
    • Ultra Booster
  • XIO Bazooka
  • Slugger Blade
  • Magatana
  • Twin Demaagatanas

Abilities Edit

  • Brave Burst
  • Black Gravity Field
  • Eleking Collider
  • Zetton Barrier
  • Pandon Tornado

Personal Weapons Edit

  • XIO Enforcer
    • Gomora Smasher
    • Bemstar Defender
    • Eleking Zappers
    • Zetton Launcher
    • Pandon Blazers

Zords Edit

Main Combinations Edit

  • XIOrochi Megazord
    • Cyber XIO Megazord
      • Red Cyber Gomora Zord
      • Blue Cyber Bemstar Zord
      • White Cyber Eleking Zord
    • Magazord
      • Cyber Zeppandon Zord
        • Black Cyber Zetton Zord
        • Orange Cyber Pandon Zord
      • Cyber Maga-Orochi Zord
  • King Galactron Zord
    • Gold King Joe Zord
    • Silver Galactron Zord
  • Cyber Demaaga Zord (Kaiju Mode, Warrior Mode, Tsurugi Mode)
  • Violet Natsunomeryu Zord
  • TBA Megazord
    • Cyber Litra Zord
    • Cyber Antlar Zord
    • Cyber Gubira Zord
    • Cyber Galberos Zord
    • Cyber Gan Q Zord

Alternate Combinations Edit

  • Cyber Bemzeed Zord
  • Zeppandon XIO Megazord
  • Cyber Pedanium Zetton Zord
  • Cyber Demaagomora Zord (Kaiju Mode, Warrior Mode)

Trivia Edit

  • This series was originally on the GW and Kit Wiki, before that place died.
    • This series could have easily been added here in the first place, negating the existence of that ill-fated wiki, but now it's here regardless.
  • This series was originally going to be an RP series, but was later changed to a written series.
  • Considering this is a Power Rangers series, we can be a lot more flexible with characters that appear.
  • Similar to Knights of the Cosmos, this series will have multiple seasons with different villains.