An advance form of technology used by many civilizations in the Orion Universe, including present day Earth.


The basics of Plasma technology is the use of Plasma as a fuel source, because of its nature plasma is a clean source of energy. Plasma (in physics) is considered the fourth state of matter, a high temperature gas with an ionic charge, it is generated artificially using Fusion Generators which burn waste products, a factor that has helped clean up the Earth

Besides the fuel source there are also Plasma Coils, special coils that when saturated with Plasma (which can incinerate conventional material if one is not careful) produces an EM (electromagnetic) wave field, which can be used for power or other things

Examples of Plasma TechnologyEdit

Power and PropulsionEdit

  • Fusion Reactor: Plasma Technology is used by the same device used to create it, after the initial energy supply to start the reaction, Plasma Tech is used to generate EM fields used to stabilize the reaction.
  • Repulsor Wheel: A device on certain ships and mechs that use Plasma Tech to push the target up using EM waves.
  • Impulse Drive: These device use EM waves to push the ship forward
  • Ion Propulsion: These use the Ionic by product of Plasma Tech and eject them as exhaust to push the ship forward.


  • Rail Gun: Using EM waves, projectiles are pushed forward faster than what chemical propulsion (gunpowder) can do.
  • Lasers: Plasma Tech is useful in creating Directed Energy weapons such as lasers.
  • Masers: EM waves are generated and condensed in a satelite dish like device into a single Microwave beam, at low levels it can cause the feeling of one skin catching fire at higher levels it can cut into Kaiju skin. However it cannot pierce Ultra skin but can cause the burning feeling.

Other forms of Plasma TechEdit

  • Structural Integrity Field: Small Plasma Coils under armor plating that allow it to resist damage via  a magnetic field(s).
  • Magnetic Joints: Used mainly in robotics, plasma coil create opposing magnetic fields the reduce resistance on joints and allow for larger builds.

Advance, Alien and Experimental (Earth) technologyEdit

  • Shields: EM waves are generated to create a barrier
  • Sensors: Plasma Tech allows for more powerful sensors, with greater range and Spectrum access.
  • Warp Core: A Plasma Tech Device that generates Phase to create a Gravity Bubble/Warp Field to achieve FTL speeds.
  • Gravity Wheel: Often found at the bottom of saucer type UFOs, it is a dome or sphere containing a ball of plasma that generates the anti-gravity waves need for flight at sub-light speeds
  • Teleporter:.


Plasma Energy is effectively a clean source of energy that is responsible for Earth's recovering Biosphere. However, due to the EM waves it generates Plasma Energy has the unfortunate side effect of attracting certain species of Kaiju.

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