Do not confuse with Fantom

Phantom is an Alien Bat wearing a black robe. He was the final kaiju of the series, appearing to fight Gamma.

Subtitle: Midnight Phantom (ミッドナイトファントム, Middonaitofantomu)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Size Change: Phantom can grow from human size to kaiju size. Most often he is in his small form.
  • Agility: Phantom is very athletic.
    • Extraodinary Jumper: Phantom can leap from skyscraper to skyscraper in a city.
    • Speed: Phantom can run as fast as a car and dodge an Energy Pistol's blasts.
  • Night Vision: Phantom has night vision.
  • Technology: Phantom has several different weapons and devices.
    • Detector: Phantom has a device that can detect Ultra Hosts by scanning them.
    • Analyzer: Phantom has a device that can analyze Ultras and record their abilities.
    • Health Capsules: Phantom has four silver capusles on his chest the can heal his injuries.
    • Grenades: Phantom has several silver cylinders on his belt that are actually grenades. These create bright flashes of light and small explosions.
    • Razor Disk: Phantom has a disk with sharp edges that can be used as a weapon.
    • Projectile Launcher: Phantom has a wrist-mounted launcher.
      • Stun Darts: Phantom's launcher can fire knockout darts.
      • Missiles: Phantom's launcher can fire explosive missiles.


Phantom is an Alien Bat in the Ultraman Saga style, not the Ultraman Jack version. He wears a black robe that covers his entire body exept for his head, feet and hands (Think Darth Maul's Sith robes). This robe covers unique armor and a belt with Phantom's devices.


Phantom came to Earth at an unknown time, searching for Ultraman Gamma. He discovered that Hikari Yamato was Ultraman Gamma's human host.

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