OrbGeed is yet another unoriginal Fusion Ultra that is a derivative of Ultraman Orb or Ultraman Geed who is not original or funny in any way.

Appearance Edit

Literally Geed Primitive and Orb Origin slapped together. Credit to Gren for the image, it's perfect.

History Edit

OrbGeed was born somewhere. Some theorize he was Tsuburaya's new gimmick Ultra, some say he was born from a void of sheer unoriginality emanating from the UltraFan wiki, others still say he was born in a mysterious land called "Photoshop". Whatever the case, OrbGeed quickly became the best thing since sliced bread, another super cool Fusion Ultra who is totally original and not derivative in any way.

OrbGeed later came to Earth where he battled Jeggulas Jogglur and Kay Fukididide and their evil Fusion Beasts, also teaming up with Ultraman Zero and befriending some wacky side characters. He fought all this stuff and looked really cool doing it. His true challenge came when he had to face the immensely powerful MagataMagata Magamaga No Maga Tano Arch Arch Belial Atrocious, who (gasp! :0) was actually....


Which makes them......not related at all.

Anyways because PLOT OrbGeed finally defeated his ultimate enemy and passed his true test, becoming a real hero and being honored with Fusion Fight forms.

OrbGeed then flew off into space and fought Reybitus for a bit then did something I dunno, and at one point joined the Parody Garrison, which was cool.

But then, OrbGeed's true ulimate challenge came, and it was the fiercest battle he'd had yet....

When Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Geed sued for copyright infringement.

Forms Edit

  • Base form: it does normal things

Fusion Riser Upper Forms Edit

Forms created from OrbGeed's Fusion Riser Upper, using the Ultra Fusion Cardsules to transform.

  • BEAMZ Form: Fusion of Great and Dyna because reasons, shoots de beams. Debuts in Episode 1.
    • No matter how nonsensical it is, he will always use this form at the beginning of every fight.
  • Fiery Stronk form: Fusion of Ultraseven X and Astra. It's his strength form and also uses fire-based attacks. Debuts in Episode 3.
  • Fast Slicy form: Fusion of Tiga Speed Type and Hikari. It's his speed form. It's all fast and stuff and has blades for slicing things. It also has a cool DX weapon. Debuts in Episode 5.
  • Even stronker cool form: Fusion of Zero Darkness and Mother of Ultra: It's his BEEF form where he becomes OP. Debuts in Episode 12.
  • ULTIMATE OP FORM: Fusion of Noa, Ribut, and Legend. It's his obligatory OP form that defeats anything no matter what. It has an even cooler DX weapon. Debuts in Episode 17 and continues to appear in every episode after even if it's use would be considered overkill.
  • Prequel form: The form he never actually uses in his series.
  • SUPAR COOL MOVIE FORM: A movie exclusive form that somehow uses all the New Gen Ultras and the Ultra 6 Brothers that's like his true form or something and has another DX weapon and is super cool n stuff.

Trivia Edit

  • Let the trend die now. Seriously.
  • This is a painfully obvious parody of all the Ultras who use the Fusion gimmick from Orb and Geed, most especially those which are derivative of the aforementioned Orb and Geed.
    • Aside from blatant ripoffs of Orb and Geed (which I will admit I myself am a culprit of), the trend is really stale, even if your Ultra has nothing to do with Orb or Geed and still does the fusion thing.
      • Gren's submission thread pages get a pass in case TsuPro makes another one of these
      • Doing it with Kaiju, Aliens, or swapping out a second Ultra for a Kaiju or an alien does not make it more original.
  • Once again, credit to Gren for the art.
  • I sincerely hope people new to the wiki see this page so that may realize the idea they may have once thought was cool and original is actually uncreative and really played out.
  • His forms are based on the typical layout of OrbGeed forms, which goes as following:
    • a base form that uses beamz n' stuff (Specium Zeperion and Primitive)
    • A mainly red form with fire-based attacks (Solid Burning and Burnmite)
    • A fast form that is primarily blue, mainly uses slicing attacks, and has a DX weapon. (Hurricane Slash and Acro Smasher)
    • A super strong beefy form that everyone thinks is really awesome. (Thunder Breastar and Magnificent)
    • An OP as hell form with yet another DX weapon that is used in every episode following it's introduction. (Royal Mega Master and Orb Origin)
    • An original form that is never actually used in the main series. (Orb Origin the First and Geed Original Form)
    • A movie-exclusive form with yet again, a DX weapon. (Ultimate Final and Orb Trinity)

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