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Height: 40,000 m
Weight: 38,000 t
Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Ultraman Reuz Specials

Episode Ex : Las Noches

Type: Good Oni

Villain (Prossesess)

Affiliation Darker Being
Created by Apexz
Oni is a Samurai live in Mount Village. 

Subtitile: Samurai Warrior (サムライ戦士)


Oni appear to be the Good Samurai that protect Touzen Village. One thing that make him evil is he was acctually been control by Unknown force. His eye glow red, his body pure black and His sword Change to Sword Of Evil. 

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Super strenght : His has a strenght that no match for Ultraman. His grab ultraman like to broke his arm.
  • Sword of Evil : His only weapon. The weapon is only Oni weakness. The weapon can fire evil spirits.
    • If the sword destroy, Oni will desperately disappeare.
  • Light ball : A spirit ball come form his mouth. Can make Ultraman slow down.
  • Time Overdown : He has power to control time. Reuz was been hit many times before he could break the time 
  • Amor : He wear an amor that could protect him from any beam such as Ultra Beam/ Ray. 

History Edit

  • He was the Worrior of the Village. He turn evil After Faust give him the Spirit vengence power.
  • His target is Ultraman Reuz as Darker Being ordered him to fight sword to sword. He choose Reuz as he has the sword fighter skill.

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