One Otari is the human host of Ultraman One in his series. After he was killed by King-Joe in the movie, he become One's human form.

History Edit

One Otari merged with Ultraman One in the beginning after acknowleging his bravery and courage.

Powers and AblilitesEdit

  • Martial Arts: Otari has powerful martial arts, gained after his merger with Ultraman One.
  • Pilot and Medical Skills: Otari is formerly from the medical as well as the aeroplane team before joining SACD, he is expert in this two areas.
  • Necromancer Abilities: Otari is the light counterpart of Kato Mosa, he also possess necromancer abilities which includes shielding, energy blasts, levitation, telekinesis and enhanced ESP.
  • Energy Ball/Accelerate: Otari can accelerate and engulf himself in a yellow energy ball. In energy ball, Otari can straightaway transform into One.
  • One Bracelet:
    • Transformation: Otari can call on the power of One by rising the One Bracelet as he eyes glows yellow as he transforms.
    • Calming Wave: Otari can calm humans and pure other beings.
  • Lightning Spark: Otari has the Lightning Spark for a while.
    • Energy Transfer: Using the spark, One can transfer energy from others and convert it to restore his Ultra Form.
  • Endrance/Durabilitiy: Otari has better ability to withstand damage than most Ultra Hosts/Form.
  • Mental Connection: Otari has mental connection with other Ultras, such as Zero and Zeth.


  • One Otari was first the human host of One, both is shown to have the same personality, unlike Kato. However, when Otari was killed by King Joe in the movie, Otari has offically become One's human form.