The Omnipotent Presence (全能プレゼンス) is one of the trio of Omnipotent Ultras, with Ultraman King, himself and the dark figure. He seeks young beings, more likely Ultras, with great potential, and bestows them with Presents for their journeys. 


Ultraman SortaEdit

Episode 15: Friend or Foe? The New Ultra

He first appeared covered in a cloak, standing beside Ultraman Contra on a barren planet. He ordered Contra to test out his skills on the planet of Earth, which Contra gladly obliged to, adding that he wanted to test the new Ultra .

Episodes 22 and 23: Power of Comrades Parts 1 and 2

The Omnipotent Presence later gave the Hageshi Armor to Sorta, due to his love for the human race, and as well as his comrades. The bond between him and his comrades allowed Sorta to use the full potential of the Hageshi Armor, and defeated Alien Ramboshi. The Omnipotent Presence did not appear face-to-face in this episode.



He has a protector that he wears, and also three Eye Sluggers-like weapons on both his shoulders and his head. The Eye Slugger-like weapon on his head is actually a metal sheath covering his headfin. He has the look of an Ultra engulfed in pure light, more likely the original Ultraman.

Techniques, Profile and AbilitiesEdit

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Age: 500 000 thousand of years old
  • Flying Speed: Intestellar Speeds, faster than the Speed of Light.
  • Home Planet: Born from a Supernova 500 000 years' ago.
  • Human Host: None.
  • Relationships:

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Dimensional Gem: A gem shaped like Ultraman Nexus' Warning Light, gives the Presence his Ultimate Presence effect.
  • Ultimate Presence: A field-like aura surrounding the Presence's being, it permeates from his Ultra Skin, giving him the ability to manipulate this aura into basic attacks. This aura also makes him impermeable, and can heal the pure, free the captured, and destroy the evil.
  • Ultra Skin: His Ultra Skin is more durable than any other Ultra, it also bears protectors in some places.
  • Protector of Light: An UltraSeven-like protector he wears on. It comprises of the protector, two circular gems on the top sides, and the cape which is attached to the two circular gems. The protector absorbs light energy, the circular gems collect and contain the light energy.
  • Sluggers: Natural organs on him. Two of them are on his shoulders, and one is actually a metal sheath covering his headfin, for unknown reasons.
  • He also bears a similarance to Ultraman Saga.

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