The Novastorm Bracelets are two bracelets worn by the alien Nova and his double, NovaKiller.


The Novastorm Bracelets, despite being called bracelets, are actually armbands that drop down to Nova's wrists when needed. They are all silver, with silver tubes surrounding them. These are used to fire the Novastorm Missiles.

The Anti Novastorm Bracelets are exactly the same, execpt that the tubes are bronze rather than silver.


Novastorm BraceletsEdit

  • Novastorm Missiles: The Novastorm Bracelets can launch off energy missiles. Finisher.
  • Novastorm Blast: The Novastorm Bracelets can launch blasts of energy.

Anti Novastorm BraceletsEdit

The Anti Novastorm Bracelets were used by the robot NovaKiller. They share the powers of the original's, but are stronger.

  • Novastorm Missiles: The bracelets can fire energy missiles from the surrounding tubes.
  • Novastorm Blasts: The bracelets can launch blasts of energy.

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