Mizuki is a human character from the Orion continuity.


A young woman of Asian descent, with an eye patch over her right eye. She keeps her hair shoulder length at its longest and generally tied back.

Zwei Era Edit

Mizuki had forgone her eyepatch in favor of a robot eye, resembling a real one. Her hair is now to her lower back and she typically wears dresses for casual wear.


As a young girl Mizuki witnessed a tragedy and lost her eye to the dark figure known as Zoe. Since then she has made it her life's goal to get revenge on the dark being. Due to the similarities between Zoe and Orion she suspects that he is somehow connected and thus has a hard time trusting him.

Zwei Era Edit

Mizuki is now the head of the STAR training academy. She is also married to her boyfriend Jack and married with two children.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Combat Training: Mizuki is a trained fighter, she is skilled in unarmed combat and weaponry.
  • Piloting: Mizuki is the leader of STAR's air forces and as expected is a proficient pilot.

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