Mirajime is the 5th Choju of Doom 

History Edit

After the defeat of Fodile at the hands of Ultraman Zach, Mirajime was sent by Yapool in yet another attempt to defeat Zach! Mirajime bashed the new door open with his chest spikes, Mirajime charged at Zach while Zach covered up his wounds caused by the debris. Zach had double the wounds, and less blood outside of his body than inside. Mirajime fired his Eye Ray's at Zach. But suddenly, Mirajime was shot in the back by Jose! Mirajime turned around, and Caboose slammed right through Mirajime's face, killing him.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Eye Rays: A beam shot from Mirajime's eyes.
  • Spike Ray: A beam shot from Mirajime's top spike.
  • Fire Breath: Mirajime breathes fire.

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