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  • i don't know where it at

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  • SolZen321 @Z: One with the fangs? So flip a coin? guys?

    10:05 Cdr Raids Again Sure

    10:05 Zombiejiger Yeah fangs

    10:05 SolZen321 heads for what?

    10:06 Zombiejiger Heads for inquisition Due to their unique... heads.

    10:06 SolZen321 lol It was heads So let us begin You guys are a squad of inquisitors sent to an (a industrial, B Agricultural, or C research) planet due to a cover distress call sent out. Pick a planet Cdr Raids Again has left the chat. Cdr Raids Again has joined the chat.

    10:08 Zombiejiger A or C

    10:09 SolZen321 Sent, Cdr, BD?

    10:09 BigD2003 A or C Crazybeard1234 has left the chat.

    10:09 Cdr Raids Again Yeah?

    10:09 SolZen321 Pick a planet

    10:09 BigD2003 Choose a planet

    10:10 SolZen321 The options are Industrial, Agricultural or Research focused planets. Crazybeard1234 has joined the chat.

    10:11 Sentinel 72 A or B

    10:11 Zombiejiger Looks like A has the most votes

    10:11 SolZen321 Industrial it is Sentinel 72 has left the chat.

    10:12 SolZen321 Who four are sent to Callaria, a smog covered world, of factories and broken dreams.

    10:12 Cdr Raids Again Hm Dunno I'll do whatever you guys pick

    10:12 BigD2003 We already chose Cdr

    10:13 Crazybeard1234 huh Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:13 BigD2003 So slow

    10:13 SolZen321 You have been called by the Governor, a fat example of Nepotism. If you wish to ask me the GM a question, speak to the 'computer', also when I say PAUSE, it means stop typing so I can respond on time UltraGrenburr12678 has joined the chat.

    10:14 SolZen321 You meet in with the governor in his office, in his mountain side retreat. Governor: Gentlemen welcome! Welcome to Callaria (this is the part when one of you responds)

    10:15 Zombiejiger (who is in charge?)

    10:15 Cdr Raids Again lol

    10:15 BigD2003 XD Sentinel 72 has left the chat.

    10:15 SolZen321 (Z's in charge, just speak)

    10:16 UltraGrenburr12678 'Ello Gov'ner

    10:17 SolZen321 Governor: I certainly hope your trip was accommodating. Now, I am in desperate need of your help!

    10:17 Crazybeard1234 Cronus: Yare yare...

    10:17 Zombiejiger What's the problem here?

    10:17 Cdr Raids Again So we can be whoever? Sweet

    10:18 SolZen321 (@Cdr: You're all inquisitors, but yes, you can have your own personalities and weapons)

    10:19 SolZen321 Governor: Well....I've been threatened, by a group of rather nasty cretins in hoods, who demand I turn the planet over to their 'dark masters'... I need them removed....

    10:19 UltraGrenburr12678 Is CB in an alternte universe?

    10:19 Zombiejiger Yes So, what sort of info have you got on these 'cretins'?

    10:21 BigD2003 This is slow

    10:21 SolZen321 Governor: You will have to ask my assistant (Secretary steps forward with files that she opens) Assistant: The individuals in question called themselves the Brothers of darkness, their weapons were modified hunting blasters, old models, considering there is little to hunt here. We've tried tracking their movements, but they are held up in the poorer districts UltraGrenburr12678 has left the chat.

    10:22 SolZen321 Governor: A maze that place, now you see why I need your assistance in routing them out! Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:22 Crazybeard1234 Zero: God damn it, the Ultra Brothers became evil again?!

    10:22 Zombiejiger We do, and we shall.

    10:23 SolZen321 Governor: Name anything you need, anything! Sentinel 72 has left the chat. Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:23 BigD2003 A rocket launcher

    10:23 SolZen321 uh...sure... Cdr Raids Again has left the chat.

    10:24 Zombiejiger The files, a map of the districts, that sort of thing.

    10:24 SolZen321 my secretary will see those taken to your room!

    10:24 Zombiejiger Thank you. Cdr Raids Again has joined the chat.

    10:25 SolZen321 Your party is escorted to their room, where they are given several datapads with holographic displays of several files but also a general map of the city focused on the poor districts. (this is the part where you plan)

    10:26 Zombiejiger Alright, so where do y'all think we should start? Cdr Raids Again has left the chat.

    10:26 SolZen321 huh

    10:26 BigD2003

    • shrugs*

    Cdr Raids Again has joined the chat.

    10:27 BigD2003 A place where they could be near?

    10:27 SolZen321 Computer: Shall I triangulate a general search area based on past reports and incidents connected to the targets?

    10:27 Crazybeard1234 Please do

    10:27 BigD2003 Yes

    10:28 SolZen321 Calculating, calculating...

    10:28 Crazybeard1234 lmao Cdr Raids Again has left the chat.

    10:28 Zombiejiger

    • snacks on pretzels*

    10:28 SolZen321 The map zooms in further and shows a red zone Sentinel 72 has left the chat.

    10:29 SolZen321 Based on given information, the cult is most likely based in this area, of a diameter of 300 square blocks. city blocks'

    10:29 Crazybeard1234 ((is this a populated city or))

    10:29 Zombiejiger Interesting.

    10:29 SolZen321 (populated city)

    10:29 Crazybeard1234 ((crap, I wanted to blow everything up))

    10:30 Zombiejiger (just bait them out)

    10:30 SolZen321 Area is overlaps the industrial district and residential apartments Cdr Raids Again has joined the chat.

    10:30 Crazybeard1234 How about we disguise ourselves as information brokers, and lure them in with vital statistics regarding the city and planet? then, we hack and slash

    10:31 BigD2003 I like that idea

    10:31 SolZen321 (how would you contact them? Just send an ad on the deep web?)

    10:32 Zombiejiger Are they recruiting?

    10:32 Crazybeard1234 ((seeing as how they are a cult, them searching the deep web isn't far from possible)) or

    10:32 SolZen321 searching, searching

    10:33 Cdr Raids Again Gonna go now Bye

    10:33 Zombiejiger bye

    10:33 SolZen321 I have found several ad and recruitment emails connected to them Cdr Raids Again has left the chat.

    10:33 SolZen321 Bye

    10:33 Zombiejiger There we go. I'm sure the governor can get us outfits to fit the citizens here.

    10:33 SolZen321 search vid records of street camera on that sight.

    10:34 Crazybeard1234 How convenient...

    10:34 SolZen321 potential recruits seem to be greeted by an individual and carried off with bags over their heads.

    10:34 Zombiejiger Yay

    10:34 SolZen321 (how do you wish to proceed) Crazybeard1234 has left the chat.

    10:34 Zombiejiger (do we have cybernetic enhancements?)

    10:35 SolZen321

    Crazybeard1234 has joined the chat.

    10:35 SolZen321 huh, oddly enough I forgot about that emoticon....

    10:35 Crazybeard1234 We have no idea how their recruitment process goes, though...

    10:37 Zombiejiger hmm...

    10:37 SolZen321 Searching for reports on such activities Going through chat forums and blogs Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:37 SolZen321 searching, searching, searching. Sentinel 72 has left the chat.

    10:38 SolZen321 Data retrieval found, previously deleted blogs and chats Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:38 SolZen321 Individuals most likely spoke about the process and were...silenced.

    10:38 Sentinel 72 Yaw

    10:39 SolZen321 Reports speak of being taken into a small room to meet a man in front of a large monstrous statue. Sentinel 72 has left the chat.

    10:39 Zombiejiger Sounds fun. Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:39 SolZen321 Speculation: Based on this and their name, targets may be an Eldritch Cult, shall we start Purification Protocols?

    10:40 Zombiejiger (what does that entail?) Sentinel 72 has left the chat. Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:41 SolZen321 Prerecorded Statement "And the unclean and the heretical shall be purged by holy fire! The land will be purged, the sky, and even the sea, down to the last man, woman and child and the enemies of the Emperor will know his name when we lay his vengeance upon them!" That ^

    10:42 Zombiejiger Hmm Sentinel 72 has left the chat.

    10:43 Zombiejiger While good in most cases, this is a smaller cult. Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:43 SolZen321 Prerecorded message: "No treachery to small, no sacrifice too great"

    10:43 Zombiejiger True

    10:43 SolZen321 (that was meant to be a joke, but meh) (I assume you guys are going to send one of your team out as bait and track him to their lair?)

    10:44 Zombiejiger Hold off for now, we shall purge them ourselves. If we fall in battle, purification protocols. (Probably) (I gtg shortly) Sentinel 72 has left the chat. Sentinel 72 has joined the chat.

    10:45 SolZen321 suspiciously disappointed sound statement: Very well, Nova Batteries are on standby

    10:46 Zombiejiger

    • odd look*
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  • Hi! So... Am I allowed to post links to TV Tropes? (It's a site that does include some swearing, but I can easily replace the swear words with better words.)

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  • I got news about the real Dao returned on the live chat

    IMG 5507
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  • heres my attempt to create a fantasy universe,its just another fantasy stuff like Metaverse,you should join! I'll promote friends to admin here

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  • I know I've been making new categories in this fan wiki and the main wiki and that was the reason I'm blocked in the main wiki, I'm sorry I just want to help this wiki and it's been a while since I help this wiki in 2014 and making my own fan series on YouTube.

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    • Look, every single new Category you create, is a new category we have to worry about. "Does this category actually fit for this page", "Do we need to remove it", "How does this fit with the others"? There comes a time when the number of categories changes from being 'thoroough' and is instead 'convoluted'. This is part of the reason why no one but the Admins should be making categories, and if  you want to...make a blog with a poll for the community to decide upon or at the very least the admins to examine before we give the all clear.

      I will reduce your ban time from 3 months to 3 days.

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  • Here's everything if you still want to be involved:

    flurrthegamermixel wiki


    flurrthegamermixel wiki

    • BigD2003 
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel 
    • Welcome to the Gamera stuff Wikia chat 
    • BigD2003 has joined the chat. 
    • 8:51Cdrzillafanonay
    • Zombiejiger has joined the chat. 
    • 8:51BigD2003Hi
    • 8:51Cdrzillafanonhey Z
    • 8:51FlurrTheGamerMixelhewow everybody
    • 8:51Zombiejigeryo
    • SolZen321 has joined the chat. 
    • 8:51Cdrzillafanonello
    • 8:51SolZen321huh
    • 8:52Cdrzillafanonsep
    • 8:52FlurrTheGamerMixelso lemme explain the dropship vehicle of the team.
    • its called the light dropship 2.0
    • 8:53CdrzillafanonOh yeah we use it to travel from place to place
    • 8:53FlurrTheGamerMixelits made of bright sand green crystals.
    • 8:53Cdrzillafanonhuh. cool
    • 8:53FlurrTheGamerMixeland has loads of upgrades.
    • machines
    • and whatnot
    • even a toilet
    • 8:54Cdrzillafanonlol
    • 8:54FlurrTheGamerMixelalso renius is revived
    • 8:54CdrzillafanonYay!
    • 8:54FlurrTheGamerMixelso lets start
    • 8:55CdrzillafanonAlright
    • 8:55BigD2003Yay
    • 8:55FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius is stitting down at a table playing poker.
    • renius: so bored..
    • 8:56BigD2003Then Tiga appeared out of nowhere
    • 8:56Cdrzillafanon(are you going to continue or should one of us do something?)
    • (@Flurr)
    • 8:56BigD2003Tiga: Hi.
    • 8:56FlurrTheGamerMixel(im gonna continue)
    • renius: hi...
    • 8:57BigD2003Tiga: So whatcha doing.
    • 8:57Cdrzillafanon(riveting dialogue amirite)
    • SolZen321 has left the chat. 
    • 8:57Cdrzillafanon(loljk)
    • rip Sol
    • 8:57FlurrTheGamerMixelrip
    • 8:57Zombiejiger*Drake Erebus materializes in a purple glow*
    • 8:58FlurrTheGamerMixellitte greeza: woah! thats a amazing but scary kaiju. i should walk away.
    • 8:58ZombiejigerDrake: Well, what have we here? Ultras.
    • 8:58BigD2003Tiga: Who are you.
    • 8:59Zombiejiger*btw I'm as Kyrieloid + Hipporito*
    • 8:59FlurrTheGamerMixel(ok)
    • 8:59ZombiejigerDrake: I'm many things
    • Any in particular?
    • 9:00FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: also why are you here?
    • 9:00BigD2003Tiga: Are you talking to me?
    • 9:00ZombiejigerDrake: To the kaiju, I'm here to tag along on the adventure you're about to go on, and to the Ultra, yes.
    • 9:01Cdrzillafanon*A glowing red travel sphere appears and quickly dissipates, revealing a familiar Ultra*
    • 9:01FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: is that legacy?
    • 9:01BigD2003Tiga: Legacy?
    • 9:01CdrzillafanonLegacy: Renius? Well the rumors are true, you are alive!
    • Legacy: And it seems you've found some new friends.
    • (for anyone unfamiliar
    • 9:02FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: yeah! and yeah! but. a new. bigger. bader. insane. evil is appearing. the core.
    • 9:02CdrzillafanonLegacy: *talking to Tiga* You know me?
    • 9:02Zombiejiger*shifts to human form, basically a vampire-looking guy with pale blond hair and purple eyes*
    • 9:02FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: yeah. hes smart and insane at the same time.
    • 9:03BigD2003Tiga: Yes I know from Ultraman.
    • 9:03CdrzillafanonLegacy: Ah you've met. Cool. I'll have to tell him you said hi next time in M78
    • 9:03BigD2003Tiga: Ok.
    • 9:04CdrzillafanonLegacy *Talking to Renius*: Sounds pretty bad, need my help?
    • 9:04ZombiejigerDrake: "Core, eh? I dig the name."
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel has left the chat. 
    • 9:05Zombiejigerhuh
    • 9:05BigD2003Um
    • 9:05Cdrzillafanonwelp I guess we'll have to wait for him to come back
    • probably connection issues
    • 9:05Zombiejigeryeah
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel has joined the chat. 
    • 9:05BigD2003So what do we do now
    • Never mind
    • 9:06Cdrzillafanonlol
    • 9:06FlurrTheGamerMixelconnection issues
    • 9:06CdrzillafanonWe thought so
    • continue
    • 9:06FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: and we got LOADS of loot! to defeat the core!
    • right little greeza?
    • 9:06BigD2003Tiga: What loot?
    • 9:07FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: space crate loot! it appears randomly. we dont know why
    • 9:07CdrzillafanonLegacy: Huh. that should help.
    • 9:08FlurrTheGamerMixellil greeza: it does help.
    • 9:08CdrzillafanonLegacy: *Talking to Tiga* these things just kinda show up. They usually give power ups
    • *Legacy transforms into Plasma form*
    • Legacy: I got this form out of one
    • 9:08BigD2003Tiga: Hm interesting.
    • 9:08CdrzillafanonLegacy: Oh yeah and of course if we need any further help I have my two friends
    • 9:09FlurrTheGamerMixelcomputer 2.0: we are landing at planet aarb. please fly down to the planet.
    • 9:09ZombiejigerDrake: Any Kaiju Batteries? (like Kaiju Capsules)
    • 9:09BigD2003Tiga: What?
    • 9:09Cdrzillafanon*a blue Travel Sphere and what appears to be a miniature sun appear, revealing Ultraman Sect, and Ultraman Flame*
    • Legacy: Say hello to by two very good friends, Sect is the blue guy, and Flame is the hothead.
    • 9:09FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: i have one of king gidorah! you can have it. i dont need it.
    • 9:09CdrzillafanonSect: Greetings
    • 9:10BigD2003Tiga: Hi.
    • 9:10CdrzillafanonFlame: Oh cool new guys to help us fight evil! Nice to meet you guys
    • 9:10BigD2003Tiga: Njce to meet you too.
    • 9:10CdrzillafanonFlame: Thanks!
    • 9:10BigD2003Tiga: Your welcome.
    • 9:10FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: anyways. lets go down to planet aarb. computer! what are the monsters there?
    • 9:10ZombiejigerDrake: Wicked! So we have to fly? Right, just a moment. *pulls out Kaiju Batteries* Alien Iyros! Bemstar! Fusion Up!
    • 9:10CdrzillafanonSect: Godzilla, Renius, Gigan, checks out. New Ultra. So who's the alien?
    • UltraGrenburr12678 has joined the chat. 
    • 9:11BigD2003Tiga: *looking at Drake* Huh?
    • 9:11ZombiejigerDrake: *indignant* You mean me?
    • 9:11FlurrTheGamerMixelcomputer 2.0: improved destroyer. and multiple crystal organisms.
    • 9:11BigD2003Tiga: Yes.
    • 9:12CdrzillafanonSect: Well you're the only one currently in the room who cannot be classified as an Ultra or Kaiju, so yes.
    • 9:12FlurrTheGamerMixel(gren are u watching or RPing?)
    • 9:12UltraGrenburr12678Stalking
    • 9:12BigD2003...
    • ok
    • 9:12Cdrzillafanon(K)
    • 9:12UltraGrenburr12678Fookooy
    • Day
    • 9:12Cdrzillafanonlol
    • 9:12BigD2003lol
    • 9:12Cdrzillafanon(okie lets continue)
    • 9:13ZombiejigerDrake: Unlike you, I lack the ability to achieve Ultra form... however, using this device *shows off gauntlet with two sockets in it* I can steal, I mean, use the powers of two aliens or kaiju to be of equal power.
    • 9:13BigD2003Tiga: Hmm this seems familiar.
    • 9:13CdrzillafanonSect: Interesting. You should be a helpful ally, assuming we can trust you
    • 9:13FlurrTheGamerMixellil greeza: cool!
    • 9:14UltraGrenburr12678(Guys wait)
    • 9:14ZombiejigerDrake: This form is my preferred one for flight, although my favorite favorite is Kyrieloid and Alien Hipporito. As for trust... you should.
    • 9:14CdrzillafanonSect: Very well, I'll take your word on it.
    • Legacy: You done Sect?
    • 9:14FlurrTheGamerMixelthey then go down to planet aarb.
    • 9:14CdrzillafanonSect: I believe so
    • 9:14UltraGrenburr12678
    • 9:14CdrzillafanonLegacy: Good now let's all go back to being firneds
    • (@Gren Not him)
    • (Similar but different character Flurr made)
    • 9:15ZombiejigerDrake: *stomps* Nice terrain
    • 9:15CdrzillafanonLegacy: Yeah, I think I like this place.
    • 9:15BigD2003Tiga: Yes seems very nice.
    • 9:15CdrzillafanonSect: We should stay vigilant. An attacker could appear at any time.
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel has left the chat. 
    • 9:16BigD2003Tiga: Good thinking.
    • 9:16CdrzillafanonFlame: Dude, you worry too much. Even if anyone does show up we can take care of it
    • 9:16ZombiejigerDrake: So there's got to be a catch, can't be as great as it looks.
    • 9:16CdrzillafanonLegacy: Yeah, maybe we should go look around. Need to get the plot going after all.
    • 9:16BigD2003Tiga: *looks around*
    • 9:17UltraGrenburr12678(Flurr is gone)
    • 9:17BigD2003Again.
    • 9:17Cdrzillafanon(he'll come back)
    • (we were just kind of in a groove and kept going. We should wait for him)
    • 9:17BigD2003He has connection problems.
    • 9:17Cdrzillafanon(yee)
    • 9:18BigD2003Tiga: Hey! I see something.
    • 9:18Zombiejiger(Should I go to Hipporito/Kyrieloid or stay Iyros/Bemstar?)
    • 9:18Cdrzillafanon(either or)
    • Legacy: Yeah I sense something, we should be careful.
    • Sect: That's what I said when we touched down on this planet.
    • 9:19UltraGrenburr12678(Hippoloid and Iystar lol)
    • 9:19Zombiejiger*Drake sniffs the air*
    • 9:19Cdrzillafanon(lol)
    • 9:19Zombiejiger(xD)
    • 9:19BigD2003XD
    • 9:20UltraGrenburr12678Brb/gtg
    • 9:20Cdrzillafanon(Kei writing novels in ep 7 lmao)
    • (bye Gren)
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel has joined the chat. 
    • 9:21Cdrzillafanon(wb)
    • 9:21BigD2003Yay your back!
    • 9:21Cdrzillafanon(we continued a bit without you)
    • 9:22FlurrTheGamerMixellil greeza: this planet seems to be very. very. quiet.
    • (ok)
    • 9:22Cdrzillafanon"Tiga: Good thinking. 9:16 Cdrzillafanon Flame: Dude, you worry too much. Even if anyone does show up we can take care of it 9:16 Zombiejiger Drake: So there's got to be a catch, can't be as great as it looks. 9:16 Cdrzillafanon Legacy: Yeah, maybe we should go look around. Need to get the plot going after all. 9:16 BigD2003 Tiga: *looks around* 9:17 UltraGrenburr12678 (Flurr is gone) 9:17 BigD2003 Again. 9:17 Cdrzillafanon (he'll come back) (we were just kind of in a groove and kept going. We should wait for him) 9:17 BigD2003 He has connection problems. 9:17 Cdrzillafanon (yee) 9:18 BigD2003 Tiga: Hey! I see something. 9:18 Zombiejiger (Should I go to Hipporito/Kyrieloid or stay Iyros/Bemstar?) 9:18 Cdrzillafanon (either or) Legacy: Yeah I sense something, we should be careful. Sect: That's what I said when we touched down on this planet. 9:19 UltraGrenburr12678 (Hippoloid and Iystar lol) 9:19 Zombiejiger *Drake sniffs the air*"
    • UltraGrenburr12678 has left the chat. 
    • 9:22Cdrzillafanon(roughly all the plot things that happened)
    • 9:22FlurrTheGamerMixelok
    • 9:22Cdrzillafanon(once you're caught up we can continue)
    • 9:23FlurrTheGamerMixeli caught up
    • 9:23BigD2003Ok let get started.
    • 9:24FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: yeal lil greeza. this place seems extremely quiet.
    • 9:24BigD2003Tiga: *
    • 9:24Zombiejiger*Drake pops out the batteries, turning back to a humanoid. Within a few seconds he swaps them for Kyrieloid and Alien Hipporito, becoming a rather disturbing fusion of the aliens.)
    • *
    • 9:24BigD2003Tiga: What the heck...
    • 9:25FlurrTheGamerMixelsuddenly the ground starts shaking. and the improved destroyer erupts out of the ground
    • 9:25ZombiejigerDrake: Tell me about it, at least it's good in a fight
    • 9:25CdrzillafanonLegacy: Meh, I've seen weirder
    • 9:25ZombiejigerDrake: Ooh, please tell me we get to kill that thing
    • 9:25BigD2003Tiga: So this is Destroyah?
    • 9:26FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: nope. a alien war machine
    • 9:26CdrzillafanonLegacy *@Renius*: One of yours?
    • Flame: Let's do this!
    • 9:26BigD2003Tiga: *changes to power type*
    • 9:26Cdrzillafanon*Flame flies straight in to the Destroyer, landing a few flaming punches*
    • 9:26FlurrTheGamerMixel( )
    • 9:27BigD2003*Tiga does the same thing*
    • 9:27Cdrzillafanon*Sect looks down and sighs*: I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I suppose we should follow Flame's lead.
    • 9:28Zombiejiger*Drake simply strikes a pose and fires a stream of flames from his hands and trunk*
    • 9:28FlurrTheGamerMixelthe destroyer sends off 6 of its probes and the probes fire lazers at tiga and flame
    • 9:28CdrzillafanonLegacy: Let's go then! *Legacy flies in as well, firing off several Legacy Slashes at the Destroyer*
    • 9:28ZombiejigerDrake: You've fought this before, right? How many probes can it put out?
    • 9:28FlurrTheGamerMixelthe destroyer takes few sparks of damage from the attacks.
    • renius: 50 i belive.
    • 9:29CdrzillafanonFlame: Oh please, these guys think they can take us down! *Flame uses his Flaming Burst to annihilate a few of the probes
    • Legacy: Then this should
    • 9:29ZombiejigerDrake: Indeed
    • 9:29CdrzillafanonSect: I think our definitions of fun vary greatly.
    • 9:29BigD2003Tiga: *fires multiple hand slashes*
    • 9:29FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji fires 2 atomic disks at the destroyer from his mouth
    • 9:29CdrzillafanonLegacy: And that's why ya love me!
    • 9:29ZombiejigerDrake: I'm with Legacy
    • 9:29CdrzillafanonSect: Don't give any of the others....ideas
    • 9:29Zombiejiger*rubs claws gleefully*
    • 9:30CdrzillafanonLegacy: What kinds of idea-....oh.....
    • *Legacy tries to suppress that mental image while firing more projectiles at the Destroyer*
    • 9:30FlurrTheGamerMixellil greeza fires 3 purple blasts of energy at the destroyer
    • 9:30Zombiejiger*Drake fires a series of red lightning bolts from all three eyes*
    • 9:31BigD2003Tiga: *fires the Delacium Light Stream*
    • 9:31ZombiejigerDrake: Nightmare fuel this form may be, but it can sure rock a fight!
    • 9:31BigD2003Tiga: It sure does.
    • 9:31FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji fires the hyper atomic breath at the destroyer's head. destroying it.
    • lil greeza: the destroyer got destroyed
    • 9:32ZombiejigerDrake: *sees Tiga* Thanks for the idea... *crosses arms, gets buffer and sprouts arm blades*
    • 9:32CdrzillafanonSect: Hmph. Amateurs. Though they weakened the thing. *Sect forms his Sectium Blade and then charges at the Destroyer, slicing it clean in two, causing both halves to explode*
    • (Oh)
    • (Flurr which death should we go with)
    • 9:32ZombiejigerDrake: Showoff
    • 9:33CdrzillafanonSect: Ha! You should meet Zero sometime
    • 9:33FlurrTheGamerMixel(my one.)
    • 9:33BigD2003Tiga: Hm that teenager?
    • The son of Seven.
    • 9:33FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: hail to the king puny pile of scraps!
    • 9:33CdrzillafanonSect: That's the one!
    • 9:33BigD2003Tiga: Ok then.
    • 9:33CdrzillafanonSect: Arrogant to a fault, but good in a fight.
    • 9:33ZombiejigerDrake: Sounds like a musician or something.
    • 9:34FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: lets get back to the ship
    • UltraGrenburr12678 has joined the chat. 
    • 9:34BigD2003Hi green.
    • 9:34FlurrTheGamerMixel(hoi gren)
    • 9:34Cdrzillafanonsep
    • 9:34BigD2003I mean gren
    • 9:34UltraGrenburr12678Green bull
    • 9:34Cdrzillafanonlol
    • (k we continue now)
    • 9:35BigD2003Green bull? Kamen Rider Zora?
    • 9:35FlurrTheGamerMixelthe group travel back the light dropship
    • 9:35BigD2003Tiga: So where are going now?
    • 9:36FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: somewhere, hit the keizerdrive lil greeza!
    • 9:36UltraGrenburr12678Greeza plush
    • 9:36FlurrTheGamerMixelsuddenly the light dropship goes lightspeed
    • 9:36CdrzillafanonLegacy: Keizerdrive? Did you just make that up?
    • 9:36Zombiejiger*Drake falls into a wall* ouch
    • 9:37FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: noooope!
    • 9:37CdrzillafanonLegacy *@Drake*: You'll get use to lightspeed travel
    • 9:37FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan falls into his bed in the back of the ship
    • 9:37CdrzillafanonLegacy*@Gigan*: it was the writers it.
    • 9:37ZombiejigerDrake: Teleporting does the same without all the... falling
    • 9:38CdrzillafanonLegacy: Teleportation also requires a destination in mind, and you probably have no idea where we're going.
    • 9:38ZombiejigerDrake: Not in the slightest.
    • Drake: My boss just said to tag along, so...
    • 9:39BigD2003Tiga: Who he?
    • 9:39CdrzillafanonLegacy: Alright. Also, boss?
    • 9:39FlurrTheGamerMixelthe ship stops going lightspeed
    • 9:39ZombiejigerDrake: I'll explain later
    • 9:39FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: we are here!
    • 9:39BigD2003Tiga: So what is this place?
    • 9:39FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji looks outside a window. seeing loads of space crates
    • 9:39CdrzillafanonSect*looks sternly at Drake*: No you won't. Talk. Now.
    • Sect*sighs*:Nevermind. We'll sort this out after the mission.
    • 9:40ZombiejigerDrake: *grins*
    • 9:40UltraGrenburr12678(is it Jugrus Fookoy Day)
    • 9:40Zombiejiger
    • (huh)
    • 9:40FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji gives drake the king gidorah kaiju battery
    • 9:40UltraGrenburr12678(Or K Juggler?)
    • 9:40BigD2003What.
    • 9:40Zombiejiger( huh )
    • (gah "no")
    • Drake: Thanks...
    • Drake: Let's see who this would pair well with...
    • 9:41UltraGrenburr12678(MAGATA NO OROCHI)
    • 9:41FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius grabs his saigrond kaiju battery
    • renius: this?
    • 9:41ZombiejigerDrake: Gabora? Nah, Alien Spell? Nah, Verokron? Nah...
    • *eyes light up* yes
    • 9:42CdrzillafanonLegacy: Ok so am I the only one who doesn't have one of these things?
    • 9:42BigD2003Tiga: Nope.
    • 9:42CdrzillafanonSect: You have Capsule Monsters, there is presumably no reason to carry Kaiju Batteries for you.
    • 9:42UltraGrenburr12678Card: I don't have any either
    • 9:43BigD2003Tiga: Orb?
    • 9:43CdrzillafanonLegacy: Card? When did you get here!
    • 9:43UltraGrenburr12678Card: I've been here for a while
    • 9:43CdrzillafanonLegacy: Uhh...sure..
    • 9:43FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius gives drake the saigrond kaiju battery
    • 9:43CdrzillafanonFlame: Oh cool dude nice to see you!
    • 9:44UltraGrenburr12678Card: I mean...there's some text saying 'UltraGrenburr12678' next to my face, so...
    • 9:44Cdrzillafanon*Flame goes to give Card a high five but Sect catches his arm*
    • Sect: Remember the last time we did that?
    • 9:44BigD2003Tiga: So your a alternate reality of Orb?
    • 9:44CdrzillafanonFlame: Good point.
    • 9:44UltraGrenburr12678Card: Pretty much
    • 9:44BigD2003Tiga: Hm ok.
    • 9:45CdrzillafanonLegacy: But he has cooler forms. Trust me I've seen him in action.
    • 9:45BigD2003Tiga: Can you show me a example?
    • 9:45Cdrzillafanon(Ok so I guess this takes place after Ultra Hero Taisen now)
    • Legacy: Literally think of any two Ultras. Chances are, he's done it before.
    • 9:46BigD2003Tiga: Ok then.
    • 9:46CdrzillafanonSect: So anyway, we should continue with the mission.
    • 9:47FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: yeah.
    • 9:47CdrzillafanonFlame: Yeah I wanna kick some more a**!
    • 9:47FlurrTheGamerMixelthe team goes outside
    • 9:47CdrzillafanonSect: Right...who killed that monster again:?
    • Flame: Whatever
    • (What planet is this again)
    • 9:47FlurrTheGamerMixel(they are in the middle of space)
    • 9:48Cdrzillafanon(ok)
    • Legacy: Space...the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Light Dropship and it's crew.
    • 9:48ZombiejigerDrake: *slow claps*
    • 9:48Cdrzillafanon*Sect interrupts Legacy*: You've clearly been watching too much Earthen television.
    • 9:49FlurrTheGamerMixelsuddenly all the space crates floating outside dissapear
    • 9:49UltraGrenburr12678Card: ?????
    • 9:49BigD2003Tiga: What the?
    • 9:49CdrzillafanonLegacy: Where'd they go?
    • 9:49FlurrTheGamerMixelthen chaos waroga appears.
    • 9:49BigD2003Tiga: Hey! I know you!
    • 9:50FlurrTheGamerMixelchaos waroga: whoraaaaaaa.
    • 9:50CdrzillafanonLegacy: Hey! Waroga! Been a while! Pretty sure we killed you actually...
    • 9:50BigD2003Tiga: Yeah.
    • 9:50ZombiejigerDrake: I get to kill whoever we meet next, alright?
    • 9:50CdrzillafanonSect: We did. He's either been revived or this is a different entity.
    • Flame: Not if I kill him first!
    • 9:50UltraGrenburr12678*Card suddenly disappears*
    • 9:50FlurrTheGamerMixelchaos waroga fires streams of dark energy at everybody
    • 9:50ZombiejigerDrake: You can have this loser
    • 9:50Cdrzillafanon*Flame once again charges in, but is blasted by Waroga*
    • Legacy: What happened to Card!
    • 9:51Zombiejiger*more slow clapping*
    • 9:51FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: you gonna have the saigrond battery thing now drake?
    • 9:51CdrzillafanonSect: You really should try and develop actual battle strategies.
    • 9:51ZombiejigerDrake: Ya know... yep
    • 9:51CdrzillafanonFlame: Ow....
    • UltraGrenburr12678 has left the chat. 
    • 9:52Cdrzillafanon*Legacy helps Flame up*
    • Flame: Thanks
    • 9:52ZombiejigerDrake: YOU GO! I GO! LET'S HOPE THIS WORKS!
    • *turns into a weird Ghidorah/Saigrond hybrid
    • 9:52CdrzillafanonSect: We're down one Ultra, but we still have the numerical advantage.
    • Sect: And Drake's new form looks powerful
    • 9:52ZombiejigerDrake: Where did my arms go?
    • Drake: Please they didn't become these extra heads
    • *tell me
    • 9:53CdrzillafanonSect: Relax, I'm a scientist. It's probably a side effect of using a Ghidorah
    • 9:53FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: you have arms and 3 heads!
    • 9:54BigD2003Tiga: Be careful, whenever destroy these chaos waroga is destroyed, a wormhole appears.
    • 9:54ZombiejigerDrake: Alright... let's see how Wario or whatever we have here takes to fire and gravity beams...
    • Drake: Can y'all deal with the wormhole?
    • 9:54FlurrTheGamerMixelchaos waroga starts stabbing everybody
    • 9:55CdrzillafanonLegacy: Ow..ow...ow!
    • 9:55FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: PAAAAAAAAAAAIN! SO MUCH PAAAAAAAIN!
    • 9:55BigD2003*Tiga teleports*
    • 9:55Cdrzillafanon*Legacy erects a Barrier to block the attacks*
    • 9:55Zombiejiger*Drake spits gravity beams from his side heads, catching the alien*
    • *Middle head launches down onto the alien's head and spits fire across it*
    • 9:56FlurrTheGamerMixelchaos waroga feels no pain.
    • 9:56ZombiejigerDrake: Ugh, this tastes like fried Gavadon
    • 9:56CdrzillafanonLegacy: That should weaken him! Let's end this, but if Tiga's right we need to be careful about it.
    • 9:56FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius transforms into shadow type
    • 9:56CdrzillafanonLegacy: How do you know what a Gavadon tastes like?
    • 9:56ZombiejigerDrake: Take him! *throws Waroga head over heels towards the Ultras*
    • 9:56FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: reaaaaaaauugh!
    • renius starts hitting waroga repeatedly
    • 9:57Zombiejiger*Drake is silent and gives a deadpan stare*
    • 9:57CdrzillafanonSect: I recommend making distance between us and the enemy if a wormhole is a potential issue.
    • 9:57BigD2003Tiga: Take this! Tiga Burning Dash!
    • 9:57CdrzillafanonLegacy: Sorry buddy, looks like Renius threw your plan out of the window....and so did Tiga
    • *Sect facepalms*
    • 9:58FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius fires the breaking thunder at chaos waroga. annihilating the alien thing
    • 9:58CdrzillafanonSect: Whatever, as long as we're clear when that thing dies, we should be fine
    • 9:58BigD2003Tiga: um...
    • 9:58CdrzillafanonLegacy: Uh oh...
    • 9:59FlurrTheGamerMixelchaos waroga drops the waroga kaiju battery after dying
    • 9:59CdrzillafanonSect: That was EXACTLY what I just warned against!
    • Legacy: Huh, no wormhole. Odd.
    • 9:59Zombiejiger*Drake backs away, then changes to Hipporito/Kyrieloid again*
    • 9:59FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius changes back
    • 9:59BigD2003*A wormhole appears*
    • 9:59CdrzillafanonLegacy: My darn mouth
    • 9:59ZombiejigerDrake: That was... odd...
    • 9:59FlurrTheGamerMixeleverybody gets into the ship and zoom away
    • renius: come on ship go faster
    • renius turns on the keizerdrive
    • goji: zoooom zooooom!
    • 10:00CdrzillafanonLegacy: Come on plot convenience powers! You haven't failed me yet!
    • 10:00BigD2003Tiga: What?
    • What do you mean?
    • 10:01CdrzillafanonLegacy: Uhhhh....nothing
    • 10:01FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: lets get some rest. im super tired
    • 10:01BigD2003Tiga: Ok.
    • 10:02CdrzillafanonSect*@Tiga*: Just be glad Nova isn't here
    • 10:02ZombiejigerDrake: Interrogation tomorrow, then?
    • 10:02FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius gets into his bed and starts sleeping
    • 10:02BigD2003Tiga: Who's Nova?
    • 10:02CdrzillafanonSect*@Drake*: I suppose so...
    • (Thinking about it now Sect reminds me of Sol lel)
    • 10:03ZombiejigerxD
    • 10:03BigD2003*Tiga changes back to Multi Type*
    • 10:03CdrzillafanonFlame*@Tiga*:Ultra we used to hang out with, used to crack jokes with Legacy a lot.
    • 10:03Zombiejiger*Drakes reclines in a chair and dumps all his Kaiju Batteries on a table to sort*
    • *Drake
    • 10:03FlurrTheGamerMixeleverybody starts sleeping in their room.
    • (lets timeskip night time)
    • so its morning now
    • renius: lemme check the computer
    • renius walks to the room with the computer
    • 10:05BigD2003Tiga: So is everybody awake?
    • 10:05FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: i dont know.
    • 10:05ZombiejigerDrake: I've been...
    • 10:06BigD2003Tiga: Where did you show up?
    • 10:06CdrzillafanonSect: Good...then we can begin.
    • 10:06ZombiejigerDrake: I came from over there *vague motions*
    • 10:06CdrzillafanonLegacy: How long have you been up?
    • Sect: About an hour, now then. Talk.
    • 10:06FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: computer! and ambushes while we were sleeping?
    • computera: no.
    • 10:06Zombiejiger*Drake flips Kaiju Capsule into the air*
    • Battery xD
    • 10:06FlurrTheGamerMixelcomputer*
    • 10:06CdrzillafanonSect: This boss of yours? Who or what are they?
    • 10:07BigD2003Tiga: Yeah.
    • 10:07ZombiejigerDrake: Well, I'll start with this. *Hands over two Kaiju Batteries, Sealizar and Giranbo* Any guesses?
    • 10:08FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: giranbo?
    • 10:08BigD2003Tiga: Um no...
    • 10:08CdrzillafanonSect: an undead beast and an alien from another dimension.
    • 10:09ZombiejigerDrake: Not just an alien, a *Halloween* alien
    • 10:09BigD2003Tiga: I hate those aliens.
    • 10:09ZombiejigerDrake: Spookiness and death... some of you might piece this together
    • 10:09CdrzillafanonSect: You think this is some kind of joke?
    • Legacy: I think this is pretty funny
    • 10:09ZombiejigerDrake: Well, kind of, yeah
    • 10:09Cdrzillafanon*Sect glares at Legacy*
    • 10:09FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: hell?
    • 10:10ZombiejigerDrake: Oi, my boss doesn't live in hell!
    • Drake: Although some might think it *snickers*
    • 10:10CdrzillafanonLegacy: Sorry, right. Excuse my partner here he can be a bit temperamental. Want a glass of water?
    • 10:10FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: i was just guessing!
    • 10:10BigD2003Tiga: The Minster Graveyard?
    • I mean monster.
    • 10:10ZombiejigerDrake: No thanks, although... I need something to draw with
    • Drake: *shakes head* close though. More extradimensional
    • 10:11BigD2003Tiga: Hmm...
    • 10:11CdrzillafanonSect: Get him some paper.
    • 10:11FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji gives a pen and paper to drake
    • 10:11ZombiejigerDrake: Some of you probably have no idea, although I expect you will *points at Legacy*
    • 10:11CdrzillafanonSect: Thank you Godzilla
    • 10:11Zombiejiger*sketches*
    • MarkOfZIRL.jpg
    • 10:11CdrzillafanonLegacy: I don't like to tell too much.
    • 10:12ZombiejigerDrake: This is his personal symbol...
    • 10:12FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: zombiejiger?
    • 10:12Zombiejiger(Necrobane)
    • 10:12CdrzillafanonSect: Hmm...Any of you recognize this?
    • 10:12BigD2003Tiga: Isn't he a Titan?
    • 10:12CdrzillafanonLegacy: Zombie whatnow?
    • 10:12ZombiejigerDrake: Greater
    • Drake: He is greater than any simple Titan...
    • 10:13FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: necrobane?
    • 10:13CdrzillafanonSect: Wait. I think I have an idea. Card once told me of your Titans, and their more powerful counterparts, Titan Princes.
    • 10:13ZombiejigerDrake: One name of many.
    • *nods slowly, smiling*
    • 10:13CdrzillafanonSect: He said one of them was trying to wipe out his kind.
    • Sect: "Parodies" he called them.
    • 10:14ZombiejigerDrake: That would be my boss' friend and coworker
    • 10:14CdrzillafanonLegacy: Yeah, but Card was talking about some Sun God dude.
    • 10:14ZombiejigerDrake: I am of the sort of the Third
    • 10:14BigD2003Tiga: SOl?
    • 10:14CdrzillafanonSect: No, not him. His ally...some sort of being of the dead.
    • Flame: Yeah I got nothing.
    • 10:15FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: i also got a mechagodzilla battery thing for you drake..
    • 10:15ZombiejigerDrake: Sect is correct
    • 10:15CdrzillafanonSect: If I remember my universal mythology studies correctly....they spoke of a similar being.
    • Legacy: Oh you mean Necrobane. I thought he was just a legend...or is that what they want us to think!
    • 10:16ZombiejigerDrake: I serve the Necrobane, the End, the Glad-O-Blight, Shadow Bearer, King of Ghosts, Steward of the Dead and Master of Necropolis.
    • Drake: He is not a legend... oh no
    • 10:16CdrzillafanonSect: Please don't go all conspiracy theorist on me Legacy
    • Sect: So you serve he malevolent?
    • 10:16FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: why oh no?
    • 10:17ZombiejigerDrake: Sometimes so, sometimes not. If the situation calls for it, he can be even more merciless than Akreious himself...
    • 10:17CdrzillafanonLegacy: I wonder if had anything to do with that crazy powerful Geronimon me and Mana fought.
    • Sect: Right...the fabled God of Chaos. So for what purpose has your "master" sent you then, alien?
    • 10:17FlurrTheGamerMixel(brb)
    • 10:17Cdrzillafanon(k)
    • 10:18BigD2003Tiga: Isn't Akre a Titan Prince as well?
    • 10:18ZombiejigerDrake: I watch. I wait. I harvest.
    • Drake: Yes, the Second
    • 10:18CdrzillafanonLegacy: Woah woah woah back up. Harvest?
    • Legacy: Bit of a suspicious choice of words there buddy.
    • Sect: My thoughts exactly.
    • 10:19ZombiejigerDrake: You kill, I reap. The Necrobane gains an ally.
    • 10:19CdrzillafanonLegacy: Ok.....
    • 10:19BigD2003Tiga: What...
    • 10:19FlurrTheGamerMixel(back)
    • 10:19ZombiejigerDrake: Some say the Princes are preparing for war... building armies...
    • 10:19CdrzillafanonSect: So this Necrobane takes the souls of the dead..I see
    • Legacy: I hope we don't get caught up in that war
    • 10:20BigD2003Tiga: Why are they Fight?
    • *fighting*
    • 10:21CdrzillafanonLegacy: When you're a godly entity I imagine you get bored. They have to do something.
    • 10:21ZombiejigerDrake: I admit, I do not know what would cause full out war. The Eldritch are not such problems to cause something of this sort.
    • 10:21CdrzillafanonSect: Very well, I suppose you can stay for now...but I'll be keeping an eye on you.
    • 10:22FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: were here again
    • 10:22Cdrzillafanon*Sect looks at Renius, Godzilla, Gigan, and Little Greeza*: And stop handing him powerups!
    • 10:22ZombiejigerDrake: "Here" could be many places...
    • 10:22FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: im just trying to help!
    • 10:22CdrzillafanonLegacy: Mr. Mysterious and possibly edgy alien man has a point
    • 10:23ZombiejigerDrake: Very edgy *puts on sunglasses*
    • 10:23CdrzillafanonLegacy: Wonderful...
    • 10:23BigD2003Tiga: Where did you get those from?
    • 10:23CdrzillafanonFlame: At least he hasn't told us his "tragic backstory".
    • Legacy: Don't give him ideas.
    • 10:24ZombiejigerDrake: Dimensional transcendent pockets.
    • 10:24CdrzillafanonSect: Ahem. We have a mission.
    • 10:24FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: lets go outside and look for space c-c-crates!
    • 10:24BigD2003Tiga: Oh right.
    • 10:25ZombiejigerDrake: I also don't have a backstory, but it wouldn't be tragic anyway.
    • 10:26FlurrTheGamerMixelthe group go outside
    • renius: theres a space crate up there!
    • 10:26BigD2003Tiga: Let me get it!
    • 10:27CdrzillafanonLegacy: By all means go ahead. *Legacy points over at Sect and Flame* the three of us all got fancy new forms already
    • 10:28FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji walks over to a space crate.
    • goji: woah! a legendary rarity space crate!
    • 10:28BigD2003Tiga: So how do you use this thing any way?
    • 10:30Cdrzillafanon*Legacy shrugs*: Never figured that out really
    • 10:30BigD2003Tiga: Ok then...
    • *Tiga taps the crate*
    • The crate starts glowing
    • Then there was a flash
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel has left the chat. 
    • 10:32BigD2003when the flash disappear
    • Tiga got a new form
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel has joined the chat. 
    • 10:33BigD2003A form called...Ultimate Type.
    • 10:33FlurrTheGamerMixel*the crate opens*
    • goji opens the crate infront of him
    • 10:34BigD2003Tiga: Woah a new type change...
    • 10:34CdrzillafanonLegacy: Nice!
    • 10:34FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: oooh! ultimate godzilla!
    • 10:34Cdrzillafanon*Ultraman nice appears*:Somebody call me?
    • Legacy: No...
    • Nice: K
    • *Nice leaves
    • *
    • 10:35BigD2003Tiga: Where did he comes from?
    • 10:35FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: i dont know
    • 10:35CdrzillafanonLegacy: Doesn't Ultimate Godzilla belong to a guy on Deviantart? You sure we won't get sued for this?
    • Legacy*@Tiga*: No idea.
    • 10:35ZombiejigerDrake: If he tries I can deal with him
    • 10:36CdrzillafanonLegacy: Alright...I guess..
    • 10:36BigD2003Tiga: So the crate give us (Tiga and Goji) a Ultimate form.
    • Tiga: Cool.
    • 10:37CdrzillafanonLegacy: Seems like it
    • Sect: Should be helpful
    • 10:37FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji: it says on the little package in the crate says "credit to burninggodzillalord"
    • 10:38Cdrzillafanon(@Big you can make a page for the Tiga in this if you want. tell me what it looks like and I can whip up an Ultimate Type design for you)
    • Legacy: Well that's convenient.
    • 10:39BigD2003(@Cdr ok but not right now)
    • Tiga: Yep it is.
    • 10:39Cdrzillafanon(@Big K)
    • Flame: Well that was cool, so where to next?
    • 10:40FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: idk!
    • 10:42BigD2003*Then suddenly a EX Tyrant appears*
    • 10:42CdrzillafanonFlame:Yay! Something to punch!
    • 10:42FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: this thing>
    • 10:42CdrzillafanonSect: This all seems oddly familiar...
    • 10:42FlurrTheGamerMixelthing.*
    • 10:42Cdrzillafanon*Sect has Vietnamesc Ultra Hero Taisen flashbacks)
    • *
    • 10:42BigD2003Tiga: Woah! Where do these things keep coming from?!?
    • 10:42ZombiejigerDrake: Nowhere
    • 10:43FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: DA CORE!
    • 10:43CdrzillafanonSect: Certainly something we should get to the bottom of, but lets take care of him first!
    • Legacy: Oh well that answers it.
    • 10:43ZombiejigerDrake: Question, are we sure these are real kaiju, or Quantum Holograms?
    • 10:43FlurrTheGamerMixelrenius: real kaiju.
    • 10:44BigD2003Tiga: Then time to test out this new type change!
    • 10:44ZombiejigerDrake: Huh, so they're being spawned in, for lack of a better term
    • 10:45BigD2003*Tiga jump kicks the enemy*
    • sending it far back
    • Tiga: Woah! This type change is powerful.
    • 10:46FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan grabs tyrant by the neck and starts cutting it off
    • (btw this gigan is finalwars gigan)
    • 10:46BigD2003does he have chainsaws?
    • 10:47FlurrTheGamerMixel(yee)
    • 10:47ZombiejigerDrake: I want chainsaw hands...
    • 10:47BigD2003ok.
    • 10:47CdrzillafanonLegacy: Me to.
    • *Sect facepalms*
    • 10:48FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan completely cuts EX tyrant's head off
    • 10:48CdrzillafanonLegacy: Well that takes care of that.
    • 10:48BigD2003Tiga: Is it night time on this planet?
    • 10:49FlurrTheGamerMixelgigan: lets get away before it revives itself and yes its nightime!
    • 10:49BigD2003Tiga: Too late!
    • *EX Tyrant turns into EX Tyrant 2*
    • 10:50ZombiejigerDrake: Ooh, a corpse-thing! *transforms into Sealizar/Giranbo hybrid*
    • 10:51FlurrTheGamerMixelgodzilla suddenly gains a horn and plating over his arms and a spike on the end of his tail.
    • 10:51ZombiejigerDrake: Groovy design there
    • 10:51FlurrTheGamerMixellil greeza: woah! goji is in midnight form
    • goji rams into EX tyrant 2
    • 10:52CdrzillafanonLegacy: Huh. I'd make a Sonic Unleashed joke but Godzilla Unleashed is already a thing.
    • 10:52BigD2003Tiga: I'm pretty sure it's a Ultimate midnight.
    • 10:52ZombiejigerDrake: Werezilla?
    • 10:53BigD2003Tiga: Ultimate Werezilla?
    • 10:53FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji is constantly punching and kicking EX tyrant 2
    • 10:53ZombiejigerDrake apologies in advance. Goji should resist this. *sprays EX Tyrant II with poison gas*
    • *:
    • 10:54BigD2003Tiga: So anybody have a healing beam?
    • 10:54ZombiejigerDrake: Not in this form, I mean look at me. *shakes rotting arm*
    • 10:54BigD2003Tiga: Ok then.
    • Wait let me try something.
    • 10:55FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji resists the poison gas
    • goji: im alright!
    • 10:56CdrzillafanonLegacy: *@Drake and Tiga*: Both good names for the thing, heh.
    • Legacy: Uh oh he seems to be in trouble.
    • 10:56BigD2003*Tiga fires a Ultimate Fix, holding EXT2 in place*
    • 10:56CdrzillafanonFlame: Let's end this!
    • *Flame begins to burst with energy, transforming into his Volcano form in a blast of energy.
    • Sect: He has the right idea!
    • 10:57FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji jumps away from EXT2
    • 10:57BigD2003*Tiga fires a Ultimate Zepellion Ray*
    • 10:57Cdrzillafanon*Sect glows a bright light, which soon fades, revealing his Knight Form*
    • 10:57Zombiejiger*Drake shoots a purple beam*
    • 10:57Cdrzillafanon*Sect and Flame fire their respective beams*
    • 10:58FlurrTheGamerMixelgoji fires the werenight hyper atomic breath at EXT2
    • 10:58CdrzillafanonLegacy: Might as well *Fires his Enhanced Legacy Beam*
    • 10:58ZombiejigerDrake: Ah, I love overkill
    • 10:58CdrzillafanonLegacy: I know right!
    • 10:58BigD2003*Tiga use a healing beam on EXT2*
    • 10:59CdrzillafanonFlame: Yeah on second thought, Sect and I probably could have handled it ourselves
    • 10:59BigD2003*turning EXT2 into a ghost*
    • 10:59Zombiejiger(well I gtg, 'night guys)
    • Drake: Oh, my boss is calling
    • 10:59CdrzillafanonSect: Well, at least his soul will rest in peace now.
    • (bye Z)
    • 10:59BigD2003Bye Z
    • 10:59FlurrTheGamerMixel(cya Z)
    • 10:59ZombiejigerDrake: I shall return... *vanishes in purple flash*
    • 11:00CdrzillafanonLegacy: Alright, cya!
    • Zombiejiger has left the chat. 
    • 11:00BigD2003Tiga: Well he's gone.
    • 11:00FlurrTheGamerMixellets continue the RP tomorrow
    • 11:00BigD2003Ok.
    • 11:00CdrzillafanonLegacy: yep. Ah well we should be able to handle things.
    • Ok.
    • Welp in that case I'll be going.
    • This was fun guys, cya.
    • 11:00BigD2003Bye guys!
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  • Just was wondering if you'd noticed this...

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